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  • Does Good Health Come Down To Postcode?

    Posted by Dana Barker Davies October 17, 2014 - 1,035 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #moving 

    We all know that good health comes down to suitable lifestyle, good food and genes. It turns out, however, it also comes down to postcode, education and, obviously, income


    It should come as no surprise that where you live plays a vital role in relation to how long you live, if I can put it this way. According to research investigating for poverty in your area and poor education is just as important chronic illness indicator as measuring your cholesterol and blood pressure levels. The conference held in Canberra had some interesting finginds to share.


    1.. People from the country side suffered more heart attacks than city residents;


    2. Diabetes was found and took more victims in remote Australia with a prevalence of more than 3.7 times higher than other parts.


    3. People who live in more developed parts of Australia, with higher education will more easily enter the workforce and will have the know-how and the ability to meet their health requirements and react on their health condition. 

    It seems like well-educated people don't always know what's wrong with them or their bodies, but know how to analyze their symptoms and are better finding resources and help. Analytical and research skills that are picked in school and further education help them make the most informed health choices. 


    Areas with more poverty also have periods when flu and other air-borne diseases strike and result in epidemics, due to people not knowing how to protect themselves and not reacting straight away, or not being able to afford treatment. 


    Melbourne Removalists have also prepared a useful infographic depicting the advantages and disadvantages of living in both the city and the country. Hope it helps you make up your mind! To view the infographic in full: Feel free to pin and share! :)