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Page » Blogs » Things That Will Make Family Camping a Piece of Cake

  • Things That Will Make Family Camping a Piece of Cake

    Posted by Dana Barker Davies September 1, 2014 - 1,021 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #camping trip  #camping with kids  #family camping 

    There are two outcomes from a family camping - you either loved it and don't want to ever come back, gathered a bunch of great memories you will cherish your entire life, or you hated it! Either way, you shouldn't give up! Here are 5 ways in which you can try to improve your camping days next time you are headed to the woods with your darlings.


    FIY: If your trip sucked, it was probably due to your lack of proper organizational skills and not because your kids are spoiled little brads. Even if the latter is true, while on a camping trip, kids are overwhelmed with the change of scenery, which means you can manipulate them and their imagination in so many creative ways, they won't see it coming! But first things, first. Here come my tips for having a good time. Remember - this is about you and your perception of good time. Your kids will have a great time with or without you. 


    1. Get a hand washing station. That may seem as the least of your problems, but kids make messes (duuh) and knowing that you can keep their clothes clean and as a result everything else clean - tent, your own clothes, etc. etc. will take a lot of the pressure off your shoulders. With an outdoors hand washing station, they will be able to do that seamlessly and without assistance, even if you are away from running water.


    2. Plenty of toys and a "toy tub". Make sure you get the right toys with you and to be more precise you might want to drift your kid's attention from the real-life swiss army knives, burners and other dangerous camping equipment. Simply get replicas of the real thing. 


    Your kid might also be attached to its lego pieces and that is fine too, but you might want to bring a bucket or a chest to collect all toys. You don't want to be searching for legos the whole time, right? A toy tub will help organize all toys and will allow you to keep track of the items. Move the tub wherever your kid plays and establish some rules. All the toys are treasure and the tub is the chest you hide them in. Just make sure you don't turn to be the one who will have to discover the hidden treasure. 


    You might be surprised but seeing everything clean and in order will give you a sense of accomplishment. Having a good time near the camp fire is all about being in control of your environment and enjoying every minute of your stay. Being in control of your environment means no crazy messes, sick children, storms etc.  


    3. Play fun games. Obviously children want to be entertained 24/7 and this only means you need to come up with some really cool projects. How about you collect leaves and explore them together, or look at birds, nests and animal trails. You can get some mason jars to collect fireflies. All I will advise you is to let them out eventually and whatever you play try not to disturb the animals.


    4. Never ever go camping with kids, without sunscreen, wet wipes, antibacterial gel and itch stopping spray. Surely, you won't feel happy when you have to stay up all night, because your child's burns hurt so bad they can't sleep all night. 


    5. Camping is no camping without camp fire food. Don't cheat your way around this. Simply bring with you food you can cook with your kids near the fire. This is what camping is all about and you might just enjoy new tasty meals such as  campfire paella, campfire mushroom and corn quesadillas, camping mac & cheese campfire crescent dogs, singin' apples and other mouthwatering burgers (recipes coming soon). Add a beer and this is heaven!