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  • What Everybody Ought to Know Before Moving to Sydney

    Posted by Dana Barker Davies August 5, 2014 - 1,558 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #downtown Sydney 

    Moving to Sydney? There are a few things you might want to take into an account. First of all, don't let anyone tell you that Melbourne is the better city. They have been trying to dethrone Sydney for years now, unsuccessfully! Ha-ha! Just kidding. The two cities have their qualities and I, myself love them equally (I come from Perth, so...). Anyway. If you are moving to Sydney I have some good and bad news for you!



    Sydney is getting more and more expensive by the minute. Unfortunately this is true. It is actually true for most places on earth, so I wouldn't take it personally. It is a fact though that the price tags on some properties are sky-rocketting. This should come as no surprise, keeping in mind that the population is getting a bit cramped, which further fuels the price of properties across Sydney. People are willing to pay more for a property with good location even if the property itself is not worth it. In fact some million dollar-estates in Sydney made the news since they cost more than $1 million dollars and the owners didn't even bother to call end of lease cleaners. In fact this is an image from the home of a hoarder and even though the property looked absolutely disgusting it sold at $1.05 million. If that ain't a shocker, I don't know what is... 



    Talking about price tags, Sydney recently also became the home of Australia's most expensive property. No images have leaked in the media as to whether the property looks better than this one, but I certainly hope so! The penthouse that costs $100 million is located at Crown Sydney. Read more about it here:  


    Well, now let's move on to some of the good news. Even though properties are getting more and more expensive - the quality of life in Sydney is improving, recent research suggests. According to the research, aussies are the happiest people in the world and Sydney residents are the people who get the most warm and sunny days. For now Sydney is still the business and financial capital of Australia with the highest number of start-ups. It also offers a lot of entertainment opportunities and cultural activities. The Sydney Royal Easter Show is just one example. Add the Sydney Opera House and the annual Sydney Festival and there you have it.