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Page » Blogs » Yet Another (Fluffy And Purring) Reason To Be In Love With Melbourne

  • Yet Another (Fluffy And Purring) Reason To Be In Love With Melbourne

    Posted by Clair Rogers August 19, 2014 - 948 views - 0 comments - 0 likes -   #Melbourne  #cafe  #cats 

    So many people from all over the country choose to relocate to Melbourne in recent years. But why? What makes this cosmopolitan city so attractive to people of all backgrounds? Well, for one thing on top of all the benefits, now you get to visit Australia's sweetest and cosiest coffee shop (if you are a cat lover that is).


    For the sake of argument, let's mention the primary and somewhat obvious reasons why:


    1. Housing And Family Life.


    While Melbourne is still an expensive city, the housing market offers a much better value for money, than Sydney, for example. Houses are bigger, better, and cheaper. People are especially satisfied with family houses. They offer enough space, and are somewhat affordable for young families. Speaking of better housing for families, most neighbourhoods of the Victoria's capital, are listed in a number of top charts as the most family-friendly suburbs in the country. The reason is they provide excellent amenities, schools, safety, and infrastructure.


    2. Cultural Life.


    Apart from being a busy megalopolis with amazing transportation (remember their jazzy trams), Melbourne is also the beating heart of the Australian art scene. The lovely galleries and theatres in town offer the best home for new and alternative art forms. Even people walking on the streets have this certain artistic vibe. There is always something new to hear, something extravagant to see, and something curious to learn when you live in Melbourne.


    3. Cat Café.


    If you're still not convinced you should call your movers straight away and take the big step to life in Victoria's capital, then get this - they have a Cat Caff now. This cosy place is a real delight for cat lovers. It's a comfy space filled with fluffy, purring cats. You can book an hour session, and enjoy the benefits of cuddling up with a feline. It's not only relaxing and fun, but it will also improve your health. Cats are known to influence humans with lowering blood pressure and stress levels, as well as decreasing the risk of heart attacks by 40%. The only downside of the Café is due to hygiene requirements, they can serve only instant coffee and pre-wrapped muffins and chocolates. But who cares for the coffee, when you have so many beautiful and soft creatures around you?