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  • Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours Magnetic Island

    Posted by Lisa Falkiner June 22, 2014 - 3,463 views - 1 comment - 5 likes - #MagneticIsland  #Townsvilleshines  #Hoponhopoffbustours  #Sealink  #NorthQLD  #Sunshine 

    So the other day I got the chance to head over to Magnetic Island in Tropical North Queensland. This island is quite the little gem off the coast of Townsville. I decided to do a tour and booked with Sealink QLD at their Travel Desk. The ladies were so helpful and informative it was hard to say no! In the end I booked on a tour called Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours. The tour guide was a one Col Foley, and let me tell you, he knows his stuff! Between his interesting little facts about Magnetic Island and the quick jokes he had on hand, the day was fantastic.


    For starters we were picked up by the bus out the front of the ferry terminal in Nelly Bay. This is quite convenient I thought, as you dont have to go far to get your tour started! The bus is a comfy 21 seater, complete with seatbelts for the safety conscious as well. Once we were all seated and rearing to go, Col started up the bus and we were off! His first few facts explains about the island itself and its history. I don't want to give it all away, obviously because then you wont go for yourself! But I will tell you where the tour goes. He heads to Picnic Bay first and shows you all the sights and quirky little qualities about that little village.



    Once done there (and let me say now that if you want to get off and look at anything Col is more than willing to pull right over and let you out to have a look!) he heads back around the Nelly Bay and stops in at what is probably the worlds smallest yet interested aquariam lab ever. Now this place only takes donations and is run soley by a gentleman who has reared his own clams. These clams are now situated all over the bays of Magnetic Island and are able to be viewed while snorkeling! How great is that! I love clams. ANYWAY back to the tour.


    After that you'll head to Arcadia and see Geoffrey Bay and the rock wallabies. Now these little guys are so cute that you will probably want to bundle one up and take it home with you (I tried). But really they are wild so you just want to feed them some of the "kind" pellets that Col has on his bus. These pellets are friendly to the wallabies and dont make them sick :) Always love a tour guide that is helping the animals!


    The tour then moves onto the last bay, Horseshoe Bay, where Col will stop for lunch and gelato. Believe me its worth it! I dont care what diet you are on at the time, you MUST have this gelato... it is amazing and you will love it! During lunch you will get to feed lorikeets and laugh at the seagulls that are always sizing each other up! Oh did I mention its right on the beach? Well it is an island...


    Now you may have thought this is the end of the tour. BUT ITS NOT! We then went to the lagoon and explored while having friendly banter about whether there were crocs in the water... I'm still not 100% that there isnt!


    At the very end Col does the best thing. He asks if there are any places you would like to return to, to have a better look around etc. then he will give you his contact number and says when you are finished and would like to be picked up to send him a message and he will only be 10min away. This is a fantastic end to any tour, but especially this one. Col's friendly nature allows him to connect with people on another level and keep you wanting to hear more of his amazing stories. This is a tour that is a must if you ever visit Magnetic Island. I am lucky enough to have experienced this and am richer for that.


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