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  • Back to Sydney again

    Posted by Peter Richards December 3, 2013 - 321 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #visa  #immigration 

    I reached Changi Airport with about an hour to spare only to be hit between the eyes with the blunderbuss news that my visitors visa to Australia had expired around the time that my taxi driver had been hurtling along the highway to the airport. "No sir" said the very nice man from Qantas "you cannot go to Sydney". A quick shout down my iPhone to the travel agent in the UK who phoned Canberra, a rapid credit card transaction and the contents over my brief case over the airport floor and I was back in business. Nerves getting the best of me I downed several cans of Singa at an exhorbitant $11 a can and made the flight. The plane, full of Germans, awaited me and off we went. Phew - I gave myself the luxury of relaxing with more alchohol and half a dozen films and waved a cheery farewell to bustling Singapore and onto the slightly less frenetic climate of Sydney.
    Ten hours later I had arrived with immigration not giving me so much as a backwards glance. Summer had also arrived at last and it was pouring rain - but hey - I had at least arrived in one piece