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  • Spring Break Australia Day 3

    Posted by Peter Richards December 3, 2013 - 286 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    Getting into my stride now. Day 3 - the jet lag is on it's way out having walked 40 kms per day but it does seem to have done the trick. Had a busy day doing interviews for the forthcoming launch and did my favourite thing - the ferry commute! Always go for the green and gold ferries - known locally as the first fleet and named after the eleven ships that left the UK, bound for Australia on 13 May 1787. The journey took 252 days via Tenerife, Rio and the Cape of Good Hope. A total of 1044 passengers were aboard the ships included officers, their wives and children, some free settlers and 504 male convicts and 192 female convicts. No idea how they managed in those days because unlike their modern equivalent - they had no 'wi-fi'.
    Making the trip across the harbour on a sun dappled day is always a treat and today - my 165th birhday was no different. Had a meeting in the Quay Bar just behind Circular Quay - the only place to mix serious talk with drinking cold beer. Off up to the British Consulate in the Gateway, 1 McQuarrie Place was illuminating (particularly the view from the board room) - if ever you are in difficulty and 12,000 miles away from home go straight here - they will not let you down. Then, business done, it was back on the ferry for a couple of cold ones in the Mosman Rowers and home to open my pile of birthday cards online with the family via skype - which sadly to a man contained not one single ten shilling note. Not sure I'll get too many 36 hour birthdays again but this was one was memorable