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  • Spring Break Australia Day 2

    Posted by Peter Richards December 3, 2013 - 391 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    Today I am going to be brief. Not because I have not got that much to say but because that curse of southern hemisphere visitors has struck again - lingering jet lag. Not the slightly buzzy - oh I must restict myself to a small glass of Chardonnay at lunchtime type of thing. No - I'm talking about that mind numbing, nausea enhancing, discombobulation of all sensory perceptions curse - the 12,000 mile jet lag. Only one thing to do - you have to drive straight through it - no hestitaion, repetition or deviation just finish it off before it destroys your whole trip. So how to go about it. Well the first thing - and far easier said than done is to avoid all sleep during the day light hours and beyond on your first day. No matter how compelling that the Sandman's entreaties are - just resist. I spent most of last night (before 11.00 pm anyway) standing up watching the TV - when I finally keeled over I got right back up and continued watching on one leg before finally hopping off to bed at 12.00. This morning I went out early and walked and walked- around Mosman Bay, through Cremorne, onto Kiribilli, over the Harbour Bridge into the city and back on a ferry to take me home. Right now I feel pretty good - and without sounding too much like a smart [email protected]#e - I think I may have broken through to the other side. So a word to the wise - just walk that jet lag off.
    Which brings me neatly to the matter of mobile data charges - travellers beware. This morning I Instagrammed 6 photos and it cost me AUS$70 - ouch! Look for free 'wi-fi' - btw it's everywhere and take advantage. Sydney is very 'wi-fi' friendly. If in doubt go straight to Circular Quay and jump on a green and gold ferry - where there is a floating hub on every vessel. Don't get on the nice,sleek white ferries as there is no 'wi-fi'. Once aboard the old favourites you will have unlimited access to skype home, do your emails and of course Instagram your photos to TripTide.


    Have fun and be safe