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  • Spring Break Australia Day 1

    Posted by Peter Richards December 3, 2013 - 304 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    Having endured a somewhat torturous spring as far as Northern European weather was concerned it was an absolute pleasure to breakout and fly off before the next snows fell again. It was even worth running the gauntlet of the zealous and in some instances truculance of the Heathrow security storm troopers. However, once in the reassurringly traditional embrace of British Airways (I'm sure Richard Branson would offer a different viewpoint) I was off soaring away from the turgid and stultifying financial climate of the UK and off to the other side of the world.
    Despite my obvious exitement that my spring escape was generating I still had almost a days flying ahead of me and an early morning touchdown on Australia's sunny shores.

    Despite the mandatory cramming of the video fest I managed to avoid several screaming infants and got some sleep both pre- and post- Singapore and we landed ahead of schedule in Sydney. With no bush meat/european vegetables/class A drugs I shot straight through customs and went from plane to train seat in thirty minutes (try that at Heathrow) and was on my way to Circular Quay.
    Another thirty minutes and I was on a Sydney Harbour ferry steaming towards my digs in Mosman Bay a mere ten minutes after disembarking, I was sipping coffee on a balcony watching the dawn break.

    So the moral of this story fellow travellers is when going to Sydney don't kick up a fuss if your host won't get out of bed to pick you up - just make your own way - the experience will be a far richer one than you might have imagined.

    Once the early morning fog and rain had cleared I set out on a delightful promenade from Mosman to Cremorne and back and reaquainted myself with some of the natural flaura and fauna of surburban NSW in its Autumnal glory. This walk never ceases to astound and uplift the walker with it's vibrancy of colour, sense of history and stunning views across Sydney harbour. There are little stories and pieces of history in every step so take your time and just enjoy.