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Australia Tours » Blogs » Best 5 Viewpoints in Australia

  • Best 5 Viewpoints in Australia

    Posted by TripTide HQ April 9, 2013 - 487 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #australia    #tour 

    Best 5 viewpoints in Australia


    Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

    Whether you’re getting an incredible aerial view or lucky enough to delve into the deep blue, the Great Barrier Reef is an unmissable view point in Australia.  A World Heritage Site and also the world’s largest living structure, a must for any explorers bucket list.  

    Photograph by Anthony Johnson, Getty Images


    The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

    Considered one of Australia’s most scenic coastal drives, The Great Ocean Road offers astounding views of the Southern Ocean.  See the stunning remainders of the famous twelve apostles before continued natural erosion sees them gone forever.


    Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

    Frequently featured in the world’s top ten best beach list; Wineglass Bay is the perfect combination of silky soft white sand and crystal blue water.  Climb up to Wineglass Bay lookout point for a view you’ll never forget.

    Tourism Tasmania and Chris McLennan

    Yardie Creek Gorge, Western Australia

    Hike the red limestone cliffs of Yardie Creek Gorge for some breath-taking views of Western Australia’s Cape Range National Park.  Lookout for the unique wildlife native to the area and whilst you head back down to sea level for a relaxing cruise through the gorge.

    Tourism Western Australia

    Sydney Harbour Bridge, New South Wales

    Don’t just drive over Sydney Harbour Bridge, take a bridge climb tour for the greatest views of this impressive city skyline. Choose from a day climb with long distance visibility or a twilight climb beneath a blanket of stars.

    Photograph by Hamilton Lund for Destination NSW