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  • What to do in and around Melbourne

    Posted by Gemma Pearson February 8, 2014 - 1,138 views - 0 comments - 3 likes - #Melbourne 

    I have lived in Melbourne for over a year and spent 6 months here in 2005. I am certainly no expert and there are still areas to explore. But for anyone coming to Melbourne and the surrounds here are my suggestions for places to go and see.

    The City

    There is so much to see and do in the city I am bound to miss something, however:

    * Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia, so you have got to get yourself to an event whilst your here, whether it's the cricket, afl at the mcg, Australian open, formula one, moto gp, world super bikes. The atmosphere at the mcg is great for any sporting fans.

    * Food, Wine and Coffee - there are heaps of amazing places to explore and many are hidden so do your research before you come. Melbournians love good coffee and you will find lane ways and coffee shops all over the place. A popular place is Degraves street just off Flinders street.

    * Melbourne Gaol and Melbourne museum are popular tourist destinations and the Gaol has night tours, and day reenactments of Ned Kelly trial.

    * Federation Square and Flinders street station are landmarks for the city. There are bars on the square, and a big screen where they show a lot of the big events happening around the city.

    * South bank and crown. There are heaps of restaurants and bars down here. And a particular favourite is Pony fish island which is in the middle of the Yarra River. Crown has the casino and in the evening there are fire displays from the towers outside. Quite spectacular.

    * Eureka Skydeck for now is the tallest building in Melbourne and you can go up for great views. However an insiders tip if you go to the Rialto Tower (used to be the tallest) and go to the Lui bar you can see a similar view for the price of a drink.

    * Botanical gardens are beautiful in Melbourne. There are heaps of parks to explore and Fitzroy gardens is one I will mention as it has Captain cooks cottage and other areas of interest.

    * Queen Vic Market and Suzuki Night Market (night market is only in the Summer) are both good places to browse.

    * St Kilda is very popular with locals and tourists. It's home to Luna Park and Acland Street. Acland street is famous for its cake shops. yum! St. kilda also hold a big, free festival which is on in Feb.

    * There are festivals and events going on almost every weekend in Melbourne, so check out what's on in Melbourne, for example, white night, food and wine festival, comedy festival, Greek festival, etc, etc.


    To the East:

    Dandenong Ranges

    Do not mistake this for Dandenong. 2 very different places. :)

    * Dandenong Ranges has a popular but hard 1000 steps walk.

    * The summit of Mt dandenong can be accessed through the restaurant called Sky High. The restaurant is nice and there are great views. You do have to pay $5 to get into the car park though.

    * You can see Cockatoos from Grants Picnic ground but sadly it has become very commercialised.

    * If you are staying in the Dandenongs there are lots of lovely b n bs but they are mostly boutique so have a price tag attached.

    Phillip Island

    * Home to the little penguins and penguin parade a hugely popular experience. If you go on your own get there early so you get a good view. You want to be at the bottom of the steps and in the middle of the whole viewing area.

    * There are some great surf beaches on Phillip Island. I think the one we liked was called Woolami beach.

    * The Phillip Island wildlife park is quite unknown in comparison to other tourist attractions on the Island. We really enjoyed it and you get to feed kangaroos and wallabies in their massive paddocks.

    * The Grand Prix circuit so on Phillip Island and you can go kart a replica of the track or pay big bucks and do rally racing around the real track.

    * Next to Phillip Island is San Remo and at certain times of the year you can see huge sting rays in the shallows and pelicans on the beach.

    Mornington Peninsula

    * Peninsula hot springs is worth a look if you are staying in the area. I am yet to get there myself but have heard it's amazing.

    * There are heaps of wineries around with some great views but beware some/most charge for wine tastings.

    * Arthur's seat offers great views of Port Phillip Bay and there are some short walks.

    * The beaches down the peninsula are beautiful. Rye and Dromana are nice sandy beaches and Sorrento has a great back beach. Very rugged.

    * Frankston is the start of the peninsula area and from January to April every year they have a sand sculpting exhibition. It is pricey to get in but is very clever and intricate.

    I will leave it there for now, but add again when I get a spare moment as there is heaps more on the East and then to the West.

    Cheers Gemma