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Things to do in Melbourne » Blogs » My Melbourne Festival Highlights!

  • My Melbourne Festival Highlights!

    Posted by Olly Wheatcroft December 14, 2012 - 311 views - 0 comments - 1 like - #Melbourne 
    My must see attractions at this years Melbourne Festival!

    La Soiree - "An intoxicating brew of circus vaudeville and salacious burlesque!"
    This Saturday at 7pm and 10pm
    @ The Forum Theatre, Flinders Street.

    The circus with a grown up twist!
    Having friends that have previously seen La Soiree when La Clique were touring the UK, I can definitely recommend this as some fantastical and diverse excellent evening entertainment!
    ‘Spellbinding circus, gut-busting physical comedy and one of the sexiest damn shows we've seen in years.’ – Time Out London (UK)

    Weather - "An atmospheric new dance work, a homage to the breathtaking power of the elements".
    This Saturday at 3pm and 7:30pm
    @ The Malthouse, Merlyn Theatre, Southbank.

    Always being interested in the power of weather and it's own agenda, I would truly love to see this human interpretation of such a natural force.  Using dance, music, lights and smoke effects - this is sure to be a mesmerising experience!
    'Guerin’s combination of understated drama, unique movement vocabulary and sleek staging make this story compulsory viewing.’ - The Age
    Human Effect - "In a quiet side street, in the heart of the CBD, A little piece of the concrete jungle has been reclaimed by the wild".
    Saturday from Dusk till Midnight. FREE
    @ Lingham Lane, off Flinders Lane
    Don't forget the quiet side streets of the Melbourne Festival! For you may miss out on wonderful hidden gems such as this interactive art installation known as Human Effect.
    The outdoor projection shows a paradise of flowering vines with vividly coloured butterflies, but just wait and see what happens as you are drawn closer into paradise....
    Monday Mash up!
    Monday 22nd Oct 10pm. FREE
    @ Foxtel Festival Hub, under Princes Bridge.
    A must do for this coming Monday evening - A secret free mind blowing musical featuring a selection of local and international artists from the festival programme.
    If you only attend one part of the festival, make sure it's this Monday night!