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  • Degraves Street

    Posted by David Rizzuto August 11, 2014 - 1,162 views - 0 comments - 1 like

    When visiting Melbourne or working in the city during a busy afternoon, it’s always a great idea to pass by Degraves Street, a renowned laneway in the CDB – located in between Swanston Street and Elizabeth Street, as well as only less than a minute away from Flinders Street Station. Degraves Street is an elegant, albeit crowded laneway that consists of cobblestone architecture and intriguing graffiti, and filled with cafes, restaurants, barber shops and boutique stores. Although crowded, the laneway is a very convenient way of reaching a short cut from Flinders Street Station to pass through to the city a little quickly for pedestrians, all the while making most of an atmosphere of comfortable seating in eateries and a nice view down the road as you cross the street.



    Degraves Street

    The best part of visiting Degraves Street is the relatively cheap prices for you to eat during lunchtime, generally cost between from $3.50 to $12.00. Degraves Street is especially a perfect place if you want to spend wisely while eating something comfortably filling like baguettes for $3 to $4.50, while soups are a popular meal available that cost under $7.00.
    I decided to visit one eatery called The Soup Place, where you can buy two soft shell tacos for $8.00 or three tacos for only $11.00. A perfect place if you want to bring your friends along for a quick meal while soaking up the busy, crowded yet strangely comfortable atmosphere. If you would like to buy only one taco then it will only cost $4.00. 



     The Soup Place - an eatery at Degraves Street

    Some of the most popular cafes include Café Andiamo, where you can buy a single glass of wine for generally under $10.00 or a whole bottle ranging between $35.00 to $42.00. The choice sit outside under outdoor restaurant tents that cover the walkway make a perfect way of eating together with fellow friends surrounded by a busy ambience of fellow customers and pedestrians.
    Degraves Street is also a perfect place if you’re a shopper looking for trendy female accessories, such as purses, handbags and general fashion. If you’re lucky to buy one item at Kinki Gerkini, you may be able to buy another item 50% off.


    Be sure to check out Degraves Street when taking a break from work or just visiting Melbourne!