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  • European Night Market at Madame Brussels Lane

    Posted by David Rizzuto August 3, 2014 - 1,054 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    Madame Brusels Laneway is located right in the middle of Lonsdale Street, consisting of cafes and restaurants. For the past few weeks on a Friday night, the European Night Market is a small venue held at Madame Brusells Lane to celebrate some of the best European small cuisine has to offer. A small venue that will continue to run for two more weeks, this market aims to host visitors to have a taste of Europe during the chilly winter period in Melbourne.

    Although semi-covered outdoors, the gathering of people together make up this experience much warmer to defy the cold weather. While the market is rather small, it makes up with some tasty meals that will keep you filled during a chilly Friday night.And best of all, it’s cheap! Here are some of the meals you can have while visiting the market. Some music is mostly provided, with German folk guitarists and accordion players trying to relax the mood.

    Pierogi dumplings with sour cream and bacon, are Polish boiled dumplings that you can buy to eat for only $5.00. Despite looking small, these five dumplings are strong enough to keep you fill for the rest of the night, and the sour cream helps to bring the flavour.



    Polish Pierogi dumplings with sour cream



    A gift stall at the European Night Market

    One piece of pastry that’s on offer is caramel-flavoured Bretzels that cost only $7.00. This tasty caramel flavour with a mixture of sweet sugar that’s almost twice as big as your own hand. A recommended choice for a desert after a main meal, or if you’re looking for a quick snack.

    Finally, the one more meal I had is Poffertjes Hot Pumpkin Soup, a Dutch specialty. A mini pancake soup that costs only $5.00, it keeps a tasty flavour that warms you up despite its small size.

    Other outlets include exquisite Swss chocolates that are on sale for only 70c and homeware accessories on sale for $20.00
    Conveniently, you can wait around The Fringe –a small restaurant that has a variety of bottled European beer on offer that ranges from $8.00 to $15.00.

    The European Night Market will for another two weeks, starting at 4 pm and remains open until late – approximately 10 pm. If you wish to gather around with a group of friends and enjoy a taste of European food in spite of the cold, feel free to come along.




    Madame Brussels Lane

    50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000


    Around the corner from Parliament Train Station, just turn to your left on your way out.