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Page » Blogs » Luna Park and its Top Five Rides - St Kilda

  • Luna Park and its Top Five Rides - St Kilda

    Posted by David Rizzuto April 16, 2014 - 3,466 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #Melbourne  #St Kilda  #Luna Park  #Amusement parks  #rides  #rollercoasters 

    A historical amusement park that has been open to the public for a century, Luna Park is located right next door to St Kilda Beach. Originally the first of five Luna Parks opened around Australia; St Kilda's Luna Park consists of twenty rides and three rollercoasters. Open during weekends and public holidays, this is an amusement park that allows visitors to enjoy the spectacular scenery of St Kilda as well as the rides. A great place to visit after a stroll or swim at the beach in the summer!



    Trading Hours

    Weekends, School and Public Holidays – 11am -11pm *

    *Note: Closing times are subject to change. Please refer to for more information.



    Single ride tickets cost $10.95 for people aged 13 and over.

    Individual Unlimited Ride Tickets  - the chance to take as many rides as you want for the whole day. For people aged 13 and over. Buy Individual Unlimited Ride Tickets at, and they will be valid for one full day over a 12 month period. *

    •  Off Peak - $45.95
    •  Peak - $47.95

    *Note: Riders must be present at the ticket box window to receive their Unlimited Ride Ticket wristband at the time of purchase.


    Top Five Rides at Luna Park

    With an amusement park that is conveniently placed right next door to St Kilda Beach, the rides at Luna Park offer visitors breathtaking scenery and thrills that literally scare you to death. Here are the five recommended rides you should visit upon making a visit.


    1) Great Scenic Railway

    The oldest rollercoaster since it had opened the same time as Luna Park back in 1912, visitors tend to hold their breaths as they are dip up and down, for which they can also have a great glance around the beautiful Port Phillip Bay.


    2) Pharoah’s Curse

    A ride where you are flying vertically and turning upside down and back forth again as you can witness the pleasant view of St Kilda and Port Phillip Bay – even when you’re flung upside down!


    3) The Coney Island Top Drop

    Another ride that gives the opportunity to take a wonderful of St Kilda, The Coney Island Top Drop carries twelve people rocks up to thirteen meters off the ground and drops back to such a fast rate by bouncing up and down repeatedly.


    4) Spider

    With a total of twelve carriages attached to six arms, this ride begins by drastically changing velocity as it spins in a circle, dipping up and down at a rapid rate for two minutes. The Spider can carry up to twenty four people with two people sitting in each carriage.


    5) Twin Dragon

    A ride that can carry forty patrons while swinging back and forth up in the sky and            downwards for two minutes, Twin Dragon rocks the boat like you are travelling by sea.

    Note: not really recommended for those who suffer motion sickness. Trust me, I know by             experience.