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  • Top 5 Beaches to Visit in Melbourne

    Posted by David Rizzuto March 7, 2014 - 5,656 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #victoria  #Melbourne  #beaches  #St Kilda  #Frankston  #Brighton  #Williamstown  #Elwood 

    1) St Kilda

    Regarded as one of Melbourne’s most popular beaches, St Kilda Beach offers a wide range of recreational activities. Various water sport activities that take place include windsurfing, kitesurfing and water-skiing, and the beach is an extremely popular location for sunbathing. You can enjoy going for a bike ride or roller-skate by the cycling and walking footpath, and go fishing at the pier to look at the iconic Pavilion and beach’s landscape.

    The beach is located in front of The Esplanade Hotel, and is next door to the historic Luna Park amusement park. Visitors can take a ride on a ferry that travels to Williamstown and Southbank CBD.


    How to get there: 6 km by vehicle Princes Highway, Canterbury Road or Flinders St and Canterbury Road, half an hour away by train



    2) Williamstown

    Located right in the heart of Williamstown, this beach is a perfect hotspot for visitors to enjoy the view of the landscape, including the city skyline in the background. Only five minutes away from Williamstown Beach Railway Station, tourists can walk their way to the beach and visit a wide range of restaurants and stores along the way.


    How to get there from the city: 17 km by vehicle via Douglas Parade, 33 minutes away by train


    3) Brighton

    With eighty-two coloured bathing boxes made available for swimmers and surfers, the beach at Brighton delivers comfortable conditions for surfers and swimmers who are looking to enjoy the waves during windy weather. The beach offers plenty of outdoor leisure activities and barbecues; providing a comfortable environment that family and friends can enjoy.


    How to get there from the city:  14 km by vehicle via Princes Highway or Canterbury road, half an hour away by train


    4) Elwood

    Equipped with a long footpath for visitors to enjoy the scenery, as well as plenty of recreational facilities for picnics, barbecues and playgrounds, this beach is expansive to accommodate space for boating, swimming and surfing.


    How to get there from the city:  9 km by vehicle via Princes Highway or Canterbury, 45 minutes away by train


    5) Frankston

    A long beach that consists of coastal habitat, the Waterfront offers seaside resorts, a pier and boardwalk to view the massive landscape and suburban skyline, as well as a range of sightings including public artworks, adventure playgrounds for children and boat launching facilities. The Seaford Foreshore offers an extensive route to walk from one end to another, which is also accessible for people carrying prams and wheelchairs to enjoy a fine stroll.


    How to get there from the city: 55 km by vehicle via M1 and M3 Citylink Tollway, approximately an hour and 15 minutes away by train