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  • 10 Adelaide Foodie Hubs

    Posted by Krystle Aunger July 27, 2014 - 1,613 views - 0 comments - 1 like - #food  #adelaide  #cuisine  #coffee  #cafe  #Glenelg  #dessert  #hub  #pub  #fine dining  #rundle street  #hutt street  #king william street  #unley road  #gouger street  #the parade  #jetty road  #norwood  #food trucks  #oconnell street  #melbourne street 

    South Australia is a delicious state. There are at least ten hubs around Adelaide which are a foodie’s dream. At these hubs there is no question that you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious eat without too much planning. Most hubs are within or close to the Adelaide Central Business District (CBD), so you should have no trouble finding something delicious to treat yourself to. I usually treat myself to dessert which will become evident in the following mouth-watering photos!


    Here’s a Google map to get oriented with my top ten foodie hubs. The bottom left insert is beachside suburb Glenelg where you’ll find hub number 9, Jetty Road. Follow ANZAC Highway out the CBD or take the tram.




    1 Rundle Street

    Rundle Street, an extension of Rundle Mall in the northeastern corner of the CBD, is the most popular foodie hub with travellers due to its central location. During Mad March Rundle Street explodes with dinners and people on the footpaths. There are also a lot of pop-up food vendors who take short-term leases on any empty shop fronts through Mad March which keeps the street fresh and lively.


    I’m a big fan of the pizza from San Giorgio Pizzeria. They’re reasonably priced and super delicious. I also love Belgium Beer Café for their extensive range of beers. A cone of hot chips usually goes down well with beers at the Belgium too.



    Rundle Street


    2 Hutt Street

    Named after early pioneer Sir William Hutt, Hutt Street forms the eastern boundary of Adelaide CBD, and is also a renowned foodie hub. There’s a good mix of silver service, pub dining and coffee shops on Hutt Street with the most popular and iconic item to purchase being coffee. There are plenty of places for great coffee, and you can even add breakfast/brunch to the coffee order.


    One place I really want to try on Hutt Street is Naught Spot. With a menu that centralises around the classic Belgian waffle, a personal favourite of yours truly, I really don’t think I can go wrong!


    Dessert at Au Matin Calme on Hutt Street


    3 Gouger Street

    Gouger Street, pronouncer goo-jar, is my favourite foodie hub. Unofficially part of Chinatown, Gouger Street is the best spot for international eats, probably because of its proximity to Chinatown. Many restaurants on Gouger Street are award winning. You really can’t go past this foodie hub!


    I have two favourite places on Gouger Street that I just can’t decide between. The Thali Room, an annex of the larger restaurant British India, serves the best Indian food I’ve ever had. When you can’t decide between dishes I recommend the tasting plate which will get you a taste of at least four amazing dishes. My other equal favourite is Nu Thai. Serving Thai food, Nu Thai is consistently delicious and shouldn’t be overlooked.


    Gouger Street


    4 Melbourne Street

    Melbourne Street gets it namesake from the 2nd Viscount Melbourne and is located in North Adelaide, which lies just beyond the parklands that surround the CBD. Melbourne Street home to some fantastic international, café, pub and dessert food.


    Burger bars are pretty trendy in Adelaide. Melbourne Street keeps one of my favourite burger places, Burger It. I particularly like the veggo range on offer here. As for desserts, Chocolate Taperia is where it’s at on Melbourne Street with the tasting board being a great item to share amongst a group and to try a little of everything on the menu.


    Dessert at Chocolate Taperia on Melbourne Street


    5 O’Connell Street

    The larger of the North Adelaide grids features O’Connell Street, an extension of King William Street from the CBD up into North Adelaide linking the two hubs across the parklands. As an aside from food, North Adelaide is abundant with impressive historical residences which surround the commercial hub of O’Connell Street. If you get a chance, go for a wonder.


    The dessert pizza at Café Fellini is truly impressive. Sharing this pizza between two people is pretty much a main, so let’s just call this dessert a main and skip straight to it! One place I really want to try is Gin Long Canteen. This Vietnamese eatery has great reviews and booking in advance is a definite must. An honourable mention goes out to Bakery on O’Connell for their kick-ass 24/7 bakery. Every time I stop by the bakery there is a new pie on offer which keeps their baked goods interesting.



    Dessert pizza at Café Fellini on O'Connell Street


    6 Unley Road

    Unley Road forms part of the affluent suburb of Unley in the inner-southern suburbs. Prior to British settlement, Unley was home to the indigenous peoples of the Kaurna tribe (pronounced gar-nah). Unley Road has a huge selection of restaurants, cafes, and dessert spots from which to choose.


    Boho Bar is a favourite of mine. The interior channels burlesque, big top circus and old bohemian cabaret. The bar mixologist here gets a good workout from mixing up lavish cocktails. Keeping on the different theme, Dunks and Unley is a coffee shop come furniture store on Unley Road. You can basically have coffee and cake using all the lavish furniture which also happens to be for sale. Christmas decorations are particularly elaborate at Dunks and Unley.



    Dunks and Unley on Unley Road


    7 King William Road

    King William Road is an extension of the central King William Street from the CBD beyond the parklands and into the suburbs. A popular foodie event on King William Road is the annual Unley Gourmet Gala. This is a gourmet food and wine event held on the eve of the King William Road Tour Down Under Start.


    Melt on King William Road is the spot for amazing pizza, whilst Spats Coffee Lounge has dessert covered. Spats Coffee Lounge has a gorgeous interior with little intimate booths covering every millimetre of the two-story character building.


    Dessert at Spats Coffee Lounge on King William Road


    8 Jetty Road

    Glenelg is home to Adelaide’s most popular suburban beach and to a kilometre long open-air mall also known as Jetty Road, which includes a throng of restaurants, cafés, takeaway food, and desserts making it a foodie hub. Further along the foreshore at the Marina is also a selection of fine dining restaurants.


    Bracegirdles is my favourite dessert café on Jetty Road. A popular South Australian family owned business, the Bracegirdles highlight for me is of course waffles covered in strawberries and smooth Belgian chocolate. You just can’t go past it!



    Waffles at Bracegirdles on Jetty Road


    9 The Parade

    Located out of the CBD to the east in Norwood, The Parade is a large upmarket open-air shopping precinct and foodie hub. A huge selection of cafés lines the tree-lined boulevard that is The Parade making it a foodie hub.


    I had a great impromptu afternoon drinking sangria and eating sliders at The Grace Establishment in the light filled courtyard on The Parade recently. Saturday and Sunday afternoon there has sangria jug specials to keep you watered. Nordburger also gets a fond mention of their delicious burgers.



    Sliders and sangria at The Grace Establishment on The Parade


    10 Food Trucks

    Something a little different is the Food Truck trend in Adelaide. Usually available during lunchtime in the CBD, Food Trucks tend to gather at Hindmarsh Square and at Light Square. Finding a Food Truck on demand is a little tricky. You need to know the names of the Food Trucks and then track down where they’re parked for the day so you can buy their food. Luckily a genuine genius invented the Food Tuck tracking app for a centralised information point to save you the hassle! Search for the ‘Adelaide Street Eats’ app in your app store.


    My favourite Food Truck is Delectaballs. Specialising in meatballs of all varieties Delectaballs love to wordplay on their name so you’ll find no shortage of ball related jokes from these guys. They also nickname their truck Mr Darcy. I’m sure you can come up with some ball related Darcy jokes!


    Delectballs Food Truck