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  • Tasmania: Salamanca Place

    Posted by Krystle Aunger July 14, 2014 - 310 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #music  #food  #tasmania  #Hobart  #Market  #live music  #food precinct  #salamanca place 

    Recently my work took me to Tasmania, so I made the most of my visit to the ‘natural state’ and took a few days out to explore history and nature in the thick of winter.


    Salamanca Place

    Salamanca Place is a precinct and hub of activity by the docks in Hobart. The Place itself is a row of old sandstone warehouses converted into restaurants, galleries, and gift shops. Depending when you visit there’s food, markets, live music and sometimes all of these at once! I got acquainted with Salamanca Place over a few visits and really loved the vibe.



    Salamanca Place and Salamanca Square, the quadrangle directly behind Salamanca Place, is the Hobart foodie hub. There’s pub food, cultural food, bakery food, café food, fine food and so much more. If you’re looking for a good eat in Hobart then head over to Salamanca Place.


    Restaurants on Salamanca Place



    Every Saturday morning Salamanca Place bursts with market stalls featuring local, fresh and especially handcrafted goods. As Tasmania is rich with wood, there are a lot of handcrafted wooden items are sold at the markets. If you were shopping for gifts, this would be the ideal place to pick up something unique and special. I easily spent 2-hours looking through market stalls, drinking coffee, eating food and listening to live music.


    Saturday morning markets at Salamance Place


    Live Music

    Buskers are often seen at Salamanca Place, and the buskers that play at the Saturday morning markets give the markets such an energetic, bustling feel. But the best free live music I saw was on a Friday night in a little quadrangle off an alley leading to Salamanca Square. The gig was called Rectango and featured a live band, cheap cash bar and a squash of people dancing and enjoying themselves. If you’re looking for something to do on a Friday night, definitely head down to Rectango in the Artist Studios in Salamanca Square!


    Live music at Rectango on a friday night