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Tasmania Trip Advice » Blogs » Tasmania: Freycinet Peninsula

  • Tasmania: Freycinet Peninsula

    Posted by Krystle Aunger July 6, 2014 - 354 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #beach  #hiking  #tasmania  #nature  #sunset  #Freycinet Peninsula  #National Park  #Freycinet National Park  #bay  #Honeymoon Bay  #Coles Bay 

    Recently my work took me to Tasmania, so I made the most of my visit to the ‘natural state’ and took a few days out to explore history and nature in the thick of winter.


    Freycinet Peninsula

    The Freycinet Peninsula is a spectacular part of Tasmania’s east coastline. Pronounced fray-sin-ay, the Peninsula is located 2-hours 45-minutes away from Hobart by car and is home to famous Wineglass Bay. For the active explorer there are plenty of great hikes and rewarding lookouts to view the Peninsula from a different perspective, whilst for the lazy holidaymaker there are plenty of white sandy beaches to dream the day away. I’m more of the active explorer type so I ceased the opportunity to explore as many hiking trails as I could, but also took note of the white sandy beaches along the way.


    First stop on any trip to the Freycinet Peninsula is to the Visitors Centre. As the Peninsula is a National Park there’s a fee to enter the park. I suggest doing some planning before you purchase a pass. If you plan to visit more than one National Park on your trip then a day pass won’t be your cheapest option. It’s also good to note that Cradle Mountain is excluded from the Parks Pass that is purchased here and it runs on a separate pass. Speak to the Visitor Centre staff, they’re a wealth of information and also helped me make the most of the time I had on the Peninsula. More information about Parks Passes at


    Wineglass Bay is an iconic Tasmanian beach. Its namesake draws inspiration from the shape of the bay mirroring the stem of a wineglass. Accessible by the reasonably steep and stair laden hiking trail, the car park to lookout trail will take about 1-hour return. The view from the lookout is spectacular. From the lookout you can take another trail down to the white sandy beach that meets the Tasman Sea as seen from the lookout. Add an additional 30-minutes to your hike if you take this trail. Make sure you sign the Visitors Book when you start your hike. This book lets Park Rangers known if you never return from your hike - hopefully that won't happen though!


    Wineglass Bay from the lookout


    The Lighthouse Loop trail is a very easy walk around an old lighthouse. The coastline seen form the trail is lovely and you can see the bay entrance to Wineglass Bay. The trail is about a 10-minute loop. There aren’t any beaches of note around this trail.


    Lighthouse Loop trail


    Honeymoon Bay is a lovely little bay with a perfect sandy beach and large smooth rocks jutting out into the ocean to rest on. My visit was timed perfectly with sunset. It was pretty special.


    Sunset at Honeymoon Bay


    Honeymoon Bay


    Coles Bay is the main township on the Freycinet Peninsula with a pub, general store and petrol station. Speaking of petrol there are very limited petrol stations on the way to the Freycinet Peninsula, and the Cole Bay station knows this. Expect to pay about 20c per litre more for petrol here! I recommend filling the tank at Sorell (2-hours away from Freycinet Peninsula) where you’ve got plenty of options. Coles Bay is a bustling town in the summer with boat launching, fishing and swimming popular. In the winter, however, it’s a very sleepy beachside town.


    Boastsheds at Coles Bay