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  • Adelaide Public Transport

    Posted by Krystle Aunger June 14, 2014 - 323 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #travel  #Tram  #transport  #Free  #Public Transport  #Train  #Bus  #Bike  #O-Bahn 

    There are heaps of public transport options in Adelaide. The main premise of the public transport system is to efficiently get commuters from their suburb into Adelaide Central Business District (CBD), or from the CBD to their suburb. Basically, all routes lead to the CBD. There are at least three free public transport options in Adelaide, so keep reading to see how you can travel on the cheap!


    Maps and timetables

    I think the best map and timetable to use is Google Maps. Especially when you’re out and about and need real-time information. Adelaide’s entire public transport timetable is available through Google Maps. Just locate your destination, tap the transport icon and Google Maps will guide you.


    If you haven’t got any technology whilst on the move, then paper maps and timetables are available from Adelaide Train Station on North Terrace, and from the Adelaide Metro InfoCentre on the corner of King William and Currie Streets.



    Locals use a metroCARD with pre-paid credit as a form of ticket. These are validated on alighting any form of transport, be it bus, train or tram. Depending on the length of your stay in Adelaide you too can use a metroCARD, or you can use the metroCARD Visitor Pass which gives three consecutive days travel at a discounted rate. More ticketing information is available from Adelaide Metro.



    Buses run in a cross-city fashion. For example a bus will run from the south inbound to the CBD and then run outbound from the CBD to the north. This means you can easily get from the south to the north, however, travelling from the south to the east isn’t as easy, a bus change would be needed in the CBD.


    There is one acceptation to this cross-city bus fashion, and that’s the Free City Connector bus. This series of buses service Adelaide and North Adelaide in a loop fashion. These buses are a great free option when moving around major attractions within the CBD and North Adelaide.


    Bus is the only type of public transport that will get you to and from the airport. The 'J' bus series or JetBus Airport Service is the bus to look for.


    O-Bahn Busway

    The O-Bahn is a basically a bus that runs on a dedicated rail type track. This track allows the bus to travel at high speeds away from road traffic through the north-eastern suburbs. Only special metro buses can drive on the O-Bahn track. Once a month without fail a tourist attempts to drive their car on the O-Bahn track. This always ends up with the tourist having to be rescued by the fire department and the O-Bahn track closing for a few hours. Please don’t be that tourist!



    The tram runs from Glenelg, Adelaide’s most popular suburban beach, to Adelaide Entertainment Centre via the CBD. Whenever you board a tram within the South Terrace to Entertainment District confines, or along Jetty Road at Glenelg, you can travel for free – so don’t swipe your metroCARD as you’ll waste credits! This free zone is really useful when you’re moving around the CBD or exploring at Glenelg.



    All Adelaide trains run overland. Trains service the northern, southern and western suburbs and all terminate at Adelaide Train Station on North Terrace in the CBD.


    Adelaide City Bikes

    Hire a bike for free! There are 14 locations in the CBD plus a few metro locations where you can loan a bike for a whole day for free. Check out the map to find a convenient location.



    As a general note public transport in Adelaide stops at the rather early hour of midnight. Taxis are available 24hours if you find yourself stranded without public transport.