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Page » Blogs » Long weekend at the Limestone Coast: DAY 4

  • Long weekend at the Limestone Coast: DAY 4

    Posted by Krystle Aunger March 8, 2014 - 890 views - 0 comments - 1 like - #beach  #adelaide  #south australia  #Camping  #Coast  #Mt Gambier  #Robe  #Coorong  #Beachport  #Meningie  #Tantanoola  #Millicent 

    Australians love a long weekend. Some would say it’s unAustralian not to make the most of one. This January long weekend we packed up our car and went camping on a 4-day 1,255kms road trip around the Limestone Coast.


    I’ve got four instalments of this long weekend to share! Catch up on the journey so far with DAY 1, DAY 2 and DAY 3.


    Day 4: Mt Gambier to Adelaide via The Coorong


    We chose to road trip back to Adelaide via the coast and The Coorong. Before the coast though we had time for one more cave adventure at Tantanoola Caves. The tour guide here is relaxed and leaves you alone in the cave for however long you like to wonder the beauty of the impressive dimly lit chamber.


    Impressive formations at Tantanoola Caves


    Along the coastal road from Tantanoola to Millicent is the Woakwine Range Wind Farms, the southern hemisphere’s largest wind farm. Take the tourist drive to see the farm up close.


    Along the coast is a trail of coastal towns each with a different feel. Beachport is slightly off the road to Adelaide, but definitely worth the detour. With a relaxed beachside sleepy feel Beachport boasts one of the longest jetties in the southern hemisphere and an absolutely stunning coastal drive. Follow the brown signs along Bowman Scenic Drive and you won’t be disappointed. There are plenty of pullouts to stop and take photos or even explore. We discovered an arch and cave off Post Office Rock. Be careful of the tide though. We were almost washed out to sea whilst crawling under the arch to get out of the cave! Just past the Pool of Siloam is a gorgeous still clear beach cove. If you’ve got the time for a swim, I’d suggest this is the place to do it!


    Beachport jetty


    Further along the Highway is Robe, a real tourist beach town. There are plenty of historic cottages to take you back to a bygone era; my favourite of them has to be the Sweet Gallery and Ice Creamery. You can’t go to Robe without trying the ice cream!


    Delicious treats from the Robe Ice Creamery


    Kingston South East is a tiny little town on the coast with the main attraction being Larry the Lobster. The 17m high lobster is a testament of Australian’s love to building big things for very little functional use.


    Larry the Lobster


    The Coorong National Park skirts the coastline from Kingston South East to Meningie. For a good portion of the drive all you see is a saltbush-lined highway. It’s pretty boring. There is a 12km loop track that you can drive near Mike Lake, but that won’t improve the view much at all. The track is 12km of really bumpy gravel that will make you marvel at the wonders of your car’s suspension. If you hold out on the highway til Salt Creek you’ll get to admire The Coorong from the comfort of the highway.


    The Coorong


    Meningie is a roadhouse town on the edge of Lake Albert and a great last stop on the way back to Adelaide.


    This Australian certainly loved her long weekend! If you’ve got 4-days to spare grab your mates, load up your car and take a road trip around the Limestone Coast.