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Page » Blogs » Long weekend at the Limestone Coast: DAY 1

  • Long weekend at the Limestone Coast: DAY 1

    Posted by Krystle Aunger February 15, 2014 - 1,388 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #south australia  #Camping  #Mt Gambier  #Limestone Coast  #Long Weekend  #Naracoorte 

    Australians love a long weekend. Some would say it’s unAustralian not to make the most of one. This January long weekend we packed up our car and went camping on a 4-day 1,255kms road trip around the Limestone Coast.


    I’ve got four instalments of this long weekend to share! Kicking off with day one, here’s what happened…


    DAY 1: Adelaide to Mt Gambier


    The Adelaide to Mt. Gambier highway is pretty mundane. It’s 4.5hrs of 110kmp/h highway road with small towns at approximately 50km intervals along the way. If you take the time to stop at these small towns there are actually some interesting things to see.


    The highway gets a but monotonous after a few hours


    An old train station at Coonalpyn along the highway


    Naracoorte is one of those small towns. Pronounced naa-ruh-court, this small town’s interest is the Naracoorte Caves. It’s South Australia’s only World Heritage area. There are four caves to explore through guided tours. We chose the Alexandra Cave, which boasts a spectacular display of formations including stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones and columns. We weren’t disappointed.



    Stalactite, stalagmite and flow stone in the Naracoorte Caves


    Stalactite, stalagmite and flow stone in the Naracoorte Caves


    Once at Mt Gambier a visit to the Information Centre is worthwhile. The free brochures are genuinely helpful for ideas on what to see around the area. By late afternoon we pulled into our campsite to find our patch of lawn and en suite waiting. Having never camped before we opted for a caravan park that provided an en suite to our tent. Luxury, right? Considering the per night price is on par with the other four caravan parks in the town without en suites, why not!



    Campsite for the long weekend


    Around town there is no shortage of pubs on Commercial Street for dinner options. There is, however, a distinct lack of maitre d' service and very limited vegetarian options. I do recommend the House of Schnitzel on Commercial Street East. There’s not much in the way of vegetarian, but there is great service and excellent schnitzel!


    Stay tuned for next week’s instalment of Long weekend on the Limestone Coast: DAY 2.