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Family Holidays in Australia » Blogs » Family Friendly Farm Stays

  • Family Friendly Farm Stays

    Posted by Ciara Snook March 17, 2013 - 240,805 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #australia  #family  #luxury  #Accommodation  #friendly  #farm stay  #country  #rural 

    Family Friendly Farm Stays


    Depending on what you hope to get out of your time spent in Australia, there is an abundance of enticing accommodation types on offer to suit your every need.  Like most other popular destinations you can chose from hostels, boutique hotels, b&b’s, campsites and more but in Australia there is also the highly recommended option of a farm stay.  The amazing agricultural world of Australia is inviting you to step right in and eat, sleep, breathe the majestic rural way of life.  Introduce your family to Australia with a farm stay and it will be a treasured memory they’ll never forget.


    Keeping the kids entertained on an Australian farm will be the least of your worries with endless activities and opportunities for them to enjoy.  Fun on the farm is likely to include, cow milking, tractor rides, kayaking, horse riding, animal feeding and even miniature horse adoption depending on where you chose to stay.  Children will adore interacting with the farm animals and have the opportunity to learn about the diverse way of life for an Australian farmer.

    Grown-ups can get stuck in with day to day work on the farm by sheep shearing, fence building and even reliving that childhood cowboy dream with some horseback cattle herding.



    If you’re looking for peace and tranquillity from your accommodation a well selected farm stay will provide you with acres of breath-taking landscapes to explore at your leisure. Absorb your new surroundings with a family bushwalk, dip your toes in the nearest lake looking for fish or bundle the kids in to a 4x4 for a scenic drive across this magical land.


    Save time searching for authentic Australian food because the freshest agricultural produce is right under your nose at a farm stay. Forget restaurant bookings and crowded city cafes as your hosts dish up food with thought plus a friendly local story or two about life in the Australian countryside.

    Lover of luxury or the simple things in life, Australian farm stays cover both ends of the accommodation scale meaning that you can try something new at your own pace and feel comfortable in your temporary home. Replace your alarm clock with an authentic rooster call on a small farm or wake naturally to new day from that beaming sunrise on the horizon.


    Whichever type of Australian farm stay you decide to uncover, be rest assured that a happy lifelong family memory will be sealed forever.



    By Ciara Snook

    Images: North Sullivan; Destination NSW