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  • Walking holidays in Australia

    Posted by Ciara Snook November 20, 2013 - 800 views - 0 comments - 1 like - #walking  #hiking  #adventure 

    In the City

    Walking in Australia’s cities is a must for any curious nomad wishing to get a ground level sense of the laid back Aussie lifestyle. There is still the familiar city buzz as locals go about their daily routine, but the positive vibes and “we’re still pretty close to the beach” frame of mind make an inviting crowd and unique concrete playground just waiting to be walked.


    Melbourne Laneways 

    Spare a moment to venture through Melbourne, Australia’s culture capital and a city awarded twice the accolade of being the world’s most liveable city. Melbourne boasts countless colourful laneways where the street art becomes a public exhibition and a rich bohemian café culture for those in-between times when you need to rest your feet. Take the recommended route with a walking tour in Melbourne providing a local guide to take you straight to the cities best bits.


    Perth King's Park and Botanical Gardens, Western Australia

    Across the way, those thinking of walking the warm hearted capital of Western Australia will not be disappointed. Perth is the sunniest state capital of Australia and offers up a beach lifestyle, ocean views and natural bush-land all within close proximity to the buzzing CBD. To explore such diversity through a local walking tour means that you’ll be close enough to envelop the bliss of day to day life in Perth, covering new ground at a relaxed and enjoyable pace.



    If architecture is a passion of yours and you’re looking to learn the histories of who, what where, when and why, take a guided stroll through a colonial city like Freemantle, or Freo as known to the locals. Off the typical tourist route and rich in prison and whaling history, Freemantle offers a different type of walking holiday in Australia just a stone’s throw from the state capital.



    In the trees


    Tasmania TreeTop Walk

    Leave ground level but continue your exploration on foot with one of Australia’s many tree top walks. You’ll be wowed by extensive views over lush forest canopies and feel invigorated breathing in the fresh unpolluted air at treetop level. Tasmania adds a little more adventure for those willing to try the swinging bridges and eagle hang-gliding just outside Hobart. Whilst Denmark in Australia’s south west will make you feel minute strolling amongst the famous valley of the giants.


    Mossman Gorge and the Daintree Rainforest, Queensland


    When you make it down to ground level catch up with a local guide who will be happy to fill you in on the forest histories, wildlife behaviour, ancient bush medicines and legends dating back to the dreamtime. This is where walking holidays in Australia really shine as your guide encourages a thoughtful pace to absorb the great stories of your impressive surrounds.



    In the mountains


    Flinders Ranges, South Australia

    Walking Australia’s mountain ranges is an experience like no other on earth, they differ greatly from state to state and present a vast selection of unique landscapes representing the diversity of Australia’s climate. Fans of photography and panoramic views will feel best satisfied after a rewarding climb to the top of St Mary’s Peak, the highest point (1171m) of South Australia’s Flinders Ranges. Those who make it to the top will benefit from 360 degree views of the famous orangey red ranges with a peek of the salt Lake Torrens to the west. Go with a local guide for the best trek route and some expert advice on essential mountain walking supplies.


    Bushwalking in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales

    At the other end of the colour spectrum the mesmerising haze of the Blue Mountain range in New South Wales covers one million hectares providing ample varieties for mountain walking holidays. With canyons, cliffs, forests and waterfalls, the Blue Mountains combine several of Australia’s natural wonders in one destination. Lockley’s Pylon is a recommended walking track which takes you on a journey through the Pinnacles and Mt Stead over heath and exposed bush-land. The backdrop of breath-taking views makes this a must see walking trail of this east Australian mountain range. Other excellent tracks feature the Blue Mountains own ruined castle formation, golden stairs and the old shale railway.



    So whether its city streets and ancient architecture, mountain top views amongst the clouds or deep in the heart of the rainforest, you’re destined to find the ideal walking holiday in Australia and stumble upon many more unexpected treasures along the way









    Words: Ciara Snook