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  • Wildlife and nature tours

    Posted by Rebecca Winter January 28, 2014 - 404 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #victoria  #walking  #hiking  #Wildlife  #Melbourne  #nature  #adventure  #tour  #coastline 


    Australia is well known for its fantastic wildlife and nature that creates spectacular scenery for tourists and locals. Check out these locations where you’ll find a mixture of nature and wildlife to suit your interests and fit in with your travel needs...


    Find a great wildlife adventure day tour in Port Stephens designed for small groups making it more personal. It covers national parks, hiking and if you’re lucky you can see koalas dozing in the trees! In the afternoon you get to board the vessel and watch the dolphins as they swim besides the boat, it’s great to see them in their natural habitats. An extra plus with this tour is that it’s suited for all seasons!





    Make an unforgettable 3 day adventure with the top end small group tour. The adventure includes long hikes across great landscapes; you get to swim under waterfalls in the National Park along with a cruise in the Mary River Wetlands.





    If you can’t decide whether you want the adventure to last one, two or a three days then Melbourne wildlife tours, Victoria will be great for you because you have a variety of places and can choose how long you want your experience to last. This is brilliant if you want to experience a personal tour as they only take a maximum of 24 people. An aspect which leans in your favour is that you have more time to ask plenty of questions, instead of having to battle your way through the crowd to get the guides attention!





    Witness the natural experience that awaits you at one of Australia’s best kept secrets on the Wilsons Promontory day tour. You will discover a variety of wildlife and spectacular coastlines, whilst bush walking and soaking up the inspiring scenery.






    Words by Rebecca Winter