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  • Picture this: Wildflowers in the Australian Alps

    Posted by Rebecca Winter January 20, 2014 - 3,608 views - 1 comment - 0 likes - #walking  #summer  #wildflowers  #AustralianAlps  #SouthAustralia 

    Picture this...


    You find yourself surrounded by a scene of vibrant colours; hot pinks, bright yellows, lilacs and deep reds. The air delivers a sweet fragrance that surrounds you. You feel the sun warming on your back, not too hot, just right. There is a slight breeze that makes the grass sway ever so slightly. The picturesque scenery must mean you are in the Australian Alps surrounded by the wildflowers!


    The Australian Alps are situated in the South East of Australia covering Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales. The best time to witness this pictorial scenery is in the summer months between December and March when the wildflowers are in full bloom. However wildflowers bloom at different times in Australia depending on location; in Western Australia the best time to see them in their mass blooming is September through to November. If you wanted to find out a little more about the wildflowers in Western Australia then having an expert to help you along the way would be a perfect way of increasing your knowledge.


    Witnessing the vivacious colours of the wildflowers is a perfect day out for both tourists and locals; so go and soak up the glorious weather and unique natural beauty of the wildflowers in the Australian Alps.



    Image: Tourism Victoria

    Image source Destination NSW - Mudgee

    Image: Tourism New South Wales

    Image: Tourism Victoria

    Image: Tourism Victoria

    Images: Tourism Victoria 

    Images: Tourism New South Wales





    Words by: Rebecca Winter


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