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Page » Blogs » Picture this: The Great Barrier Reef

  • Picture this: The Great Barrier Reef

    Posted by Rebecca Winter January 16, 2014 - 1,548 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #beach  #queensland  #ocean  #diving  #GreatBarrierReef  #snorkelling  #seaplane  #boat 

    Picture this...



    You dive into the ocean to be greeted by the spectacular marine life whose home is this vast reef. The fish are the main species you see darting in between the infinite amount of coral. The sea grass sways from side to side to match the movement of the sea. You feel as though you are lost within a different world, this really is some breath taking are in the Great Barrier Reef!


    The Great Barrier Reef attracts many visitors each year who want to see the wonders of the reef. There are a variety of activities to explore in the Great Barrier Reef and there is something to suit everyone. The seaplane snorkelling tour is a fantastic day out where you can hop in the water and snorkel to see the wonders it withholds. If you find the ocean perhaps a little too daunting, don’t worry because you’re on a glass bottom boat so you don’t get to miss out on seeing the splendour of the reef. This is great if you have a family where some love the water and others are not too keen, because there is then something for everyone to enjoy.


    Or if you prefer flying to being on boats then a scenic flight over Whitehaven and the Great Barrier Reef would perhaps be more tailored to your needs. You get to fly over the reef and witness the swirling sands that make you realise you’re in paradise. What makes this extra thrilling is the touch-and-go water landing on the Great Barrier Reef, which is something that you’ll never forget!


    So pack your swim wear and get ready for an unforgettable experience at the Great Barrier Reef. 





    Words by Rebecca Winter