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  • Inspirational Australia

    Posted by Alison Wheatcroft November 23, 2013 - 215 views - 0 comments - 1 like

    I am an extremely well travelled person and nothing prepared me

    for the awe I experienced when I went to Australia. Everything is big.
    Sydney itself seems like a mirage rising up out of the desert.  It's a mini
    New York with tall buildings and a bustling inner life.  But it's so grown up
    and so exciting.  The Opera House is like experiencing the Taj Mahal -
    you've seen a million photographs of it but close up in becomes a living,
    breathing wonder, in this case of modern architecture that feels as if it's about to 
    take flight.
    The other awe inspiring part of my visit was going to Perth in Western
    Australia.  I was staying with friends who wanted me to see everything -
    well that would have taken weeks -  but highlights were walking in the
    tree tops and swimming with the dolphins.
    What I will never forget were the sand dunes in Lancelin. Ten, twenty, thirty 
    foot high these giant ecological wonders have stood the test of time.
    A group of school children had climbed to the top of a huge dune and were
    playing leap frog on the way down.  I envied them.  We had a picnic behind
    a dune that gave us some shade and then a bracing two mile walk down the
    beach and back.
    Before I left, I said to my host I wanted to see some Out Back.  He opened
    the back door of his house and said, "there it is".  Australia is not a 
    country to be missed.