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Things to do in Queensland » Blogs » Indoor Adventure in Brisbane City

  • Indoor Adventure in Brisbane City

    Posted by Jennifer Anderson November 3, 2013 - 2,429 views - 0 comments - 1 like - #brisbane  #westend  #sherwood  #woolloongabba  #indooradventure  #aerialyoga  #antigravity  #AGY  #indoorrockclimbing  #hotyoga  #wallpilates  #adultdanceclasses  #bne 

    Staying in the city often means food, food and more food, late night bar hopping and shopping.  But for those of you who would like to satisfy your need for adventure, Brisbane offers some innovative approaches to achieving a sense of adventure in the city.  Try something new and discover Brisbane in the process with my top picks for indoor adventure. 


    Brisbane has a couple of gems in West End.  I recommend these venues for their indoor adventure offerings but also their location.  You can escape the busy streets - filled with the usual exercise crowd, navigating their gear and themselves through street cafes full of breakfast patrons – for a more unique activity experience.  West End is ample and quirky (like your favourite Aunt) – you’ll find plenty of space, interesting fit outs, simple and wholesome food, and good coffee.    


    Flight Skool

    12 Bailey St, West End, Brisbane

    8 minutes from the CBD


    The AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga fitness regimen was developed by Christopher Harrison, as a fusion of his experiences in the aerial arts and yoga.  Jump into your soft hammock, suspended from the ceiling and experience 'anti-gravity'.  Being suspended in the air gives you greater ease at adjusting your body to achieve alignment and relieves the usual amount of pressure in your joints.  Ease of movement is aided by the hammock supporting some (or all) of your weight, where the level of resistance can be controlled by manipulation of the hammock. 


    Photo credit: Flight Skool

    Photo credit: Flight Skool 


    The combination of weightlessness and movement is a feeling we rarely get to experience.  Give this one a go for light-hearted fun - whilst improving your agility and fitness – and bring out the acrobatic performer in you.  Flight Skool offer open-level walk-in classes. 


    Head to Cafe Wrapture afterwards for a wholesome ‘World Wrap’ (as long as it’s before 3pm) or if you’re in need of a caffeine hit you’ll find a good brew at BlackStar Coffee.  If tea is more your thing, The Three Monkeys have a good selection – they’re a local favourite for their eclectic interiors and somewhat mismatched but tasty and affordable Mexican meals. 


    Photo credit: Flight Skool

    Photo credit: Flight Skool 


    Urban Climb

    Unit 2, 110 Montague Rd, West End, Brisbane

    5 minutes from the CBD


    The second of my recommendations in West End appeals to a more typical idea of indoor adventure but with a lot more charm. In an area that rejects commercial facades, you’ll find the crowds of West End seek authenticity and the simple but witty delivery of their favourite things.  Fitting of West End, you’ll find this climbing space concealed by a big pink warehouse.  On a weekday night you’ll find locals – from corporates to hardcore climbers – scaling the walls. 


    No hint of vertigo here – each of the 200 different routes are tackled by beginners through to experienced climbers.  You’ll also find a 4 metre free standing bolder to test your strength.  Climbs range from 5 to 12 metres.  For first timers to Urban Climb you’ll need to come in during demo times.


    After testing your body, test your mind at Archive Beer Boutique’s Trivia night (on Wednesdays) or simply quench your thirst with a cold boutique Australian beer.  Find an unassuming stranger at the bar to brag about the night’s vertical achievements.    


    Photo credit: Urban Climb 


    Zen Hot Yoga & Pilates

    Shop 1, 641 Sherwood Rd, Sherwood, Brisbane

    20 minutes from the CBD


    Despite the many hot yoga studios in Brisbane (it’s become somewhat of a trend), many of them provide beginner-level classes as their standard offerings, to appeal to the masses.  If you really want to refine your practice, Zen Hot Yoga & Pilates is for you – targeting alignment, hip opening, core strength and more (for maximum yogi experience try to squeeze into one of Derek’s classes). 


    Photo credit: Zen Hot Yoga & Pilates 


    Zen Hot Yoga & Pilates was the first to bring FIR heating technology to Brisbane, allowing them to nab and keep a lot of the best yoga teachers in the state.  FAR infrared harnesses the healing benefits of the sun, minus harmful ultraviolet radiation.  Benefits include mobilisation of fat chemicals stored under the skin, healing of damaged and diseased tissues, and breaking down water clusters of the body, leading to the mobilisation of toxins. 


    Photo credit: Zen Hot Yoga & Pilates


    Zen Hot Yoga & Pilates provide a sense of indoor adventure, as an alternative to the uninspiring concern with calories.  Zen Hot Yoga & Pilates feature the first and only wall pilates studio in Brisbane.  Straps, harnesses and bars are attached to walls, providing resistance, allowing for the development of muscle tone and core strength. 


    You should definitely give this one a try, if only for the opportunity to hang upside down.  Inversion is touted as a bit of a ‘physical facial’, by promoting ‘glow’ and healing through increased blood flow to the face and is guaranteed to bring the kid out in you.  Inversion doesn’t always make it into the formal part of the class, but simply ask the teacher if you can give it a go and they’ll stick around to talk you through it.  You’re sure to have the support of regulars who won’t leave until they hang out for a bit. 


    Photo credit: Zen Hot Yoga & Pilates


    Mad Dance House

    29A Logan Rd, Woolloongabba, Brisbane

    5 minutes from the CBD


    Satisfy your unfulfilled childhood desire to being a dancer with a visit to this adult-only dance house.  This school may be full of adults but the students definitely don’t lack childhood enthusiasm.  For those of you travelling alone and intending to stay for an extended period, Mad Dance House is a great place to meet new people.  The students are typically friendly and supportive of newbies.  If you have a soft spot for ballet, I am told a MDH class is the only adult ballet class where you can avoid a stereotypically less-than-welcoming ballet dancer.     


    Photo credit: Mad Dance House


    Teachers have top class training and performance experience, offering classes across a range of disciplines, including popping, lyrical hip hop, urban contemporary, classical ballet and more.  You might be lucky enough to be graced by a national or international guest teacher – guest teachers have worked with artists such as Usher, Pink, Beyonce and Rihanna. 


    Photo credit: Mad Dance House

    Photo credit: Mad Dance House


    Mad Dance House just moved, this month, to a bigger space in Woolloongabba.  For lovers of antique, vintage and all things pre-loved, Woolloongabba is known for its concentration of second-hand wares.  Make a day of it and take a 5 minute walk to the Woolloongabba Antique Centre and the many Op Shops after class. 


    With my tips of the best venues in Brisbane, satisfy your passion for indoor adventure and scrap that extra shopping day from your city-stay itinerary.  Take a detour to the surrounding suburbs of the CBD and beyond, and discover Brisbane in a new way.