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  • Brisbane's 1st Night Noodle Markets

    Posted by Jennifer Anderson July 31, 2014 - 1,865 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #brisbane  #markets  #SouthBank  #NightNoodleMarkets  #AsianFood  #StreetFood 

    Brisbane’s Asian street food scene is energetic and passionate, with many venues set up by nationals who have chosen Brisbane to share their culinary creations. With a strong international student, working-holiday and immigrant population Asian food is experiencing authentic representation. You’ll be hard pressed finding a difference behind Brisbane’s Asian food and that which you’d find abroad, in a shoe-box restaurant, with your knees only just making it under the table.



    What better way to celebrate Brisbane’s Asian street food scene than with our first Night Noodle Markets. The Night Noodle Markets has been a long-standing fixture of Sydney’s culinary calendar, with 16 years of operation. Last year Melbourne saw its first market and this year it was our turn.



    This year, Brisbane’s Night Noodle Markets ran for 10 nights, from Thursday July 17th to Sunday July 27th at South Bank’s Cultural Forecourt. Twenty-two stalls were in overdrive, satisfying the larger than anticipated turnout of 167,000 over the 10 nights.



    The food covered Japanese ramen and gyoza, okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes), Vietnamese banh mi and pho and more – steamed, grilled, fried and simmered.



    The popularity was evident with many diners pulling up some grass in any place they could find, only adding to the fun festival feel. Lines were long but the food was worth it.



    For the chance to lap up the vibe for a little longer there were bar areas offering pretty surrounds and entertainment.




    Among the vendors there was Zagyoza – specialising in gyoza they recently opened and are little known outside of the alternative night spot of West End. They make everything in-house, sauces and all. Then there was Harajuku Gyoza. This place is a must visit when in the party precinct of Fortitude Valley. Delicious gyoza and Japanese staff who don’t disappoint when it comes to delivering animated enthusiasm – a great place for beer, gyoza and even dessert gyoza. For a hearty meal there was Taro’s Ramen and Cafe – the best ramen in the city.



    There was plenty more tantalising Asian food on offer but you’ll just have to visit next year to discover them for yourself.



    Blog by Jennifer Anderson