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  • New Farm Park

    Posted by Jennifer Anderson June 19, 2014 - 4,776 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #art  #picnic  #park  #barbeque  #playground  #riverside  #ferry 

    New Farm Park is Brisbane’s favourite park, with 18,000 visitors every week. You have two public transport options, bus or ferry, both around 20 minutes. I recommend the ferry (CityCat) for a romantic experience of our river city. Choose a spot at the front, where the open-air seating exploits Queensland’s characteristically sunny days. Vist the Translink website for fares and stop information -


    New Farm Park spans 15 hectares and hosts a myriad of activity. I love the park - with its community feel and easy-going pace - as a retreat from the city. The large space is peacefully quiet, flanked by the river on one side and residential and small business properties on the other.





    Locals come to run the 5km around the park, birthday parties are hosted by the river, picnic dates are had with a bottle of wine to match and spiritual groups gather in meditation. New Farm Park is licensed for alcohol consumption making it perfect for barbeques (you normally cannot consume alcohol in public spaces in Australia). The park also features a basketball court and soccer field.





    The children’s playground is particularly beautiful – a popular choice for Brisbane parents. The red structures weave through Moreton Bay Fig trees. Large open green spaces are perfect for family games of cricket or even croquet.
    Follow the purple flowering Jacaranda trees (that usually bloom in November) around the ring road, spot the rose garden and wind your way through toward the red flowering Poinciana trees in the park’s centre.



    Visiting the Brisbane Powerhouse, in a beautiful historic building, is a must. This alternative art space has plenty of personality, hosting exhibits, theatre, dance performance, comedy, music, and interactive art. The Powerhouse’s restaurants on the river’s edge are a perfect choice for lazy afternoons.



    If you visit on the 2nd or 4th Saturday of the month you’ll find the Jan Powers Farmers Markets. Starting at 6am you can pick up breakfast – coffee and a croissant or a crepe – and wander past the fresh fruit and veg. Lunch may mean dumplings or French Pizza or pick up breads, dips and olives for a picnic in the park.



    Words and images by Jennifer Anderson