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  • South Bank Eating

    Posted by Jennifer Anderson January 7, 2014 - 1,147 views - 0 comments - 1 like - #beach  #brisbane  #bne  #budgetfriendly  #familyfriendly  #couples  #foodprecinct  #internationalfood  #contemporaryfood 

    One of Brisbane's must mention attractions is South Bank, the arts and culture hub of Brisbane. By far the most popular area to hit up on a regular basis is the area centered around Stanley Street Plaza - the two blocks of retailers, cafes, bars, restaurants and eateries all mixed in with each other. Little Stanley Street and Grey Street keep eating interesting with options to suit any time of day and eating practice.


    You'll find a wide range of international cuisine, eateries offering short menus that let quality ingredients shine and trend-based eating. Think about a Turkish restaurant completely decked out with Turkish design including live belly dancers, our very own American-style diner with all the comfort classics and Spanish tapas with an atmosphere as colourful as the food. 


    For travelers, Little Stanley Street and Grey Street are great places to eat well without breaking the bank, offering budget to mid-range pricing. The greater South Bank region is popular with families and couples, with this area being of no exception. The casual atmosphere puts these streets as dating central.



    On a Saturday I made it to 5th Element Bar & Dining for brunch, located on the edge of the South Bank parklands. 5th Element boast Australia's largest selection of wine by the glass and offer the experience of a wine tasting room stocked with iconic Australian and international wines.



    With its sophisticated atmosphere and contemporary decor 5th Element is a great place to visit at night to escape the usual party-going crowds. For brunch, it's a great spot to relax and enjoy the family-friendly environment, and the Queensland climate with alfresco eating.



    On Saturday it was sweltering and my choice of QLD seasonal fruit and fresh juice reflected that. When in South Bank and the sun is blazing know that you can take a dip at Streets Beach, Australia's only beach in the middle of the city; where you can take in the views of the Brisbane River and city skyline.