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Things to do in Queensland » Blogs » Laneway Culture - Flamingo Cafe

  • Laneway Culture - Flamingo Cafe

    Posted by Jennifer Anderson December 3, 2013 - 1,156 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    Find yourself in Fortitude Valley on a Sunday, as I did this past Sunday, and you'll experience the flipside to this bustling night spot. In a lot of ways Brisbane is a bit of a sleepy city - crowds congregate in the CBD by day - where one suburb out of the CBD you'll find quiet streets and oddities. What better way to spend a Sunday - discovering a dynamic mix of clothing and wares at boutiques along Ann St and Brunswick St or fashioning upon a cafe that suits you just right?


    The streets may be quiet but take a turn onto Winn St and then onto Winn Lane and you will discover where the locals hang. Melbourne may have a reputation for laneway culture but Brisbane is slowly starting to appreciate these previously unutilised urban spaces. As little hubs of creative energy, these laneways may be small in size but they compensate in other ways. Character is packed into every last detail, where Flamingo Cafe is a notable example. This laneway cafe and supper club is a mix of the kitsch, retro and tropical.


    Lunch was the go on Sunday, and you'll find really flavoursome, wholesome and simple food at Flamingo Cafe. At Flamingo Cafe you can imagine a motto of enjoying life and see this reflected in their approach to food. You won't find an overcomplicated menu, appeals to culinary trends or preoccupations with nutrition. Instead you'll find thick shakes (in flavours such as salted caramel), perfectly balanced roast beef sandwiches ... zingy salads, rich and sweet Genovese coffee, freshly baked treats and daily specials.


    On Sunday I had a marinated tuna sandwich with rocket, fennel, olives, mint, parsley and some kind of creamy condiment - both delicious and satisfying.


    Flamingo Cafe is also great for a cheap night out (or at least a cheap beginning to a night out) with main meals $25 or less and BYO at their Friday night Supper Club.


    Down Winn Lane you'll also find a recently moved-in florist, an independent bookstore stocking works of local writers, artist's books and much more, a vintage fashion store, a clothing boutique with a highly edited collection, a guitar store, jewellery makers and watch outlets, that describe both the constant and changing scene of Winn Lane.


    Words and images by Jennifer Anderson