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Things to do in Queensland » Blogs » Farmers Market in the Heart of the CBD

  • Farmers Market in the Heart of the CBD

    Posted by Jennifer Anderson November 17, 2013 - 2,260 views - 0 comments - 4 likes - #food  #brisbane  #IheartBNE  #FreshProduce  #FarmersMarkets  #BrisbaneCBD 

    I used to work in an inner city cafe and getting to know my corporate customers, I realised how important it is for them to escape the stale walls of their cubicles and seek out all things fresh.  This could be something as fundamental as fresh air, but most often involved a regular dose of fresh food (in fact upon making it to the markets this Wednesday I bumped into two of my old customers). 



    Staying in the city doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality fresh food we normally associate with the land.  Every Wednesday, conveniently located at the end of Brisbane’s shopping mall, Queen St Mall, you’ll find the Jan Powers Farmers Markets (also found at Albion, Manly, Michelton and at the Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm). 



    For mealtimes you’ll find breakfast, brunch, lunch, and snack options.  A little like taking a culinary tour of the world, you’ll find diverse foodie options, from a German sausage house (or should I say stall) to Greek-inspired pitas.



    You’ll also find treats such as macaroons, fresh honey, bagels and baklava.  And of course there’s the produce straight from the farms.  After stocking up on fresh fare, when you get home visit the Jan Powers website for inspired recipes featuring the market’s produce. 



    The organisers behind the Jan Powers Markets do a really good job of selecting a diverse range of produce and artisanal products.  Being in the centre of the CBD it’s often a place that boutique producers choose to spread the word about their offerings (such as Blackstar Coffee who have been gaining traction amongst coffee enthusiasts, and normally only trade out of West End).  So you can experience the best that Brisbane has to offer without venturing too far.   



    Visit for a culinary, visual and olfactory tour of Queensland.


    Where:  Reddacliff Place, at the end of the Queen St Mall at the River end, just out the front of Brisbane’s Treasury Casino 

    When: Every Wednesday

    Time: 10am – 6pm