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  • Night Noodle Markets

    Posted by Casey D'Souza October 25, 2013 - 497 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #sydney  #food  #new south wales  #drink  #cheap eat  #asian  #night noodle markets 

    Aromas of chilli, soy sauce, lemon and sesame wafted through the air. Lanterns and fairy lights illuminated the night sky. Chinese dragons danced around to the beat of the drum.


    Perhaps one of the greatest things about New South Wales, and Australia in general is the diversity, allowing us to experience various cultures and food, in our very own backyard.


    For the past three weeks, the North end of Hyde Park in Sydney has been transformed into a little Asian sanctuary complete with food and drinks. As an initiative of Good Food Month and Crave Sydney International Food Festival, the Night Noodle Markets were once again brought to life. 


    The Night Noodle Markets have provided Sydney with a taste of fresh Asian food and drinks along with casual dining under the stars for 11 years.


    With over 38 stalls including Mamak and Thai Riffic there were hundreds of various Asian dishes to choose from. Traditional foods like pad thai, dumplings and peeking duck pancakes made an appearance, but a modern take on ramen noodles, the ramen noodle burger (pictured) from the On Ramen food stall comprised of crispy ramen noodles as buns encased a meat patty, crisp lettuce leaf and a slice of a juicy tomato proved to be a popular choice.


    Fresh coconuts along with lemon, mint and ginger ice tea, perfectly complemented the variety of food avaliable.


    The great range of Asian food and drink provides everyone, from families to those looking to grab dinner after work, with the opportunity to embrace the Asian culture at the Night Noodle Markets.


    Read more and feel free to ask questions about my life in Sydney via my group!