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  • The Lion King Musical

    Posted by Casey D'Souza August 28, 2014 - 550 views - 0 comments - 1 like - #family  #sydney    #musical  #disney 


    Based on Disney's original Lion King, the Lion King musical is absolutely and utterly phenomenal. The culmination of the intricately designed set, the colours and lighting, the classic music, the singing, dancing and acting along with the detailed costumes, transcends time and space as audiences are transported to Africa.



    The props depicting various animals were absolutely amazing and perfectly integrated with the performers costumes, as they ran, sung and danced throughout the aisles as well as on the main stage. The complete performance was absolutely spectacular and there were even a few contemporary and Aussie jokes included in the script! I definitely recommend watching this classic Disney story be brought to life with live dancing, music and acting.


    The Lion King Musical is only in Sydney for a few more days at the Capitol Theater, a short walk from Central Station, but will be running in Melbourne from February next year!