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Things to do in New South Wales » Blogs » NSW State Library - filled with more than just books!

  • NSW State Library - filled with more than just books!

    Posted by Casey D'Souza July 27, 2014 - 779 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #family  #sydney  #culture  #NSW  #history  #Library  #heritage 

    The New South Wales State Library is much more than merely a library. It is filled not only with a multitude of books, newspapers resources and study space but also with various exhibitions. The total value of the library’s collections (over 5 million items) comes to a huge $2.142 billion!! I have a library card for the state library for online resources, but I had never physically visited it until very recently, when my friends and I were passing by and decided to pop in. I soon discovered that it was so much more than just a library!




    If you’d like to learn a bit more about history and heritage take a free tour around the library, which also features the amazing architectural design, stonework and stained glass windows of the library.





    Earlier this month, a new major exhibition featuring personal accounts from the First World War opened to the public commemorating the centenary of the War. Over a thousand, hand written diaries and letters entailing the stories of those in the War are on display. Visitors can hear recordings of the diary entries and learn a thing or two about that historical period. This exhibition closes on the 21st of September so be sure to visit the Library before then to gain a slight insight into World War One.






    The library is also currently home to unseen art of the First Fleet showcasing drawings, of birds, plants, animals, fish, and the scenery from the first decade of Europeans in Sydney. Take a look at what Sydney used to look at before all the towering buildings and bridges through the drawings, maps and paintings on display!





    A short walk from Martin Place Station, the State Library of New South Wales is perfect for the young, the old and everyone in-between, whether you’re looking for a history lesson, fascinated with the architecture, studying, exploring or just passing by!




    Read more and feel free to ask questions about my life in Sydney via my group!