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  • The Living Mall

    Posted by Casey D'Souza November 19, 2013 - 2,713 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #sydney  #art  #shopping  #central park  #chippendale  #living mall 

    The Living Mall, located in Chippendale, Sydney’s most creative suburb, presents shoppers with a unique experience. The Mall only opened two weeks ago and is still missing a few bits and bobs, but, with a 15 metre digital wall (Australia’s biggest interactive display), a plethora of plants, art on display and quirky stores selling things you didn’t know you needed, shopping is taken to a whole new level.


    At the main entrance, shoppers are greeted with plants vertically growing on the walls and inside, plants border the escalators, encompassing the Mall’s namesake. The architectural design allows plenty of sunlight to stream through the glass planes while spherical lights provide illumination at night.





    Along with the traditional supermarkets and stores providing everyday needs the Living Mall is home to a range of cafes and restaurants as well as shops featuring the latest trends in fashion and homewares.


    Whilst exploring the new shopping district, my friends and I stumbled across a little gem, Pigeon Hole that soon became a favourite store.Home to Lomo and Polaroid cameras, bright and colourful trinkets, as well as vintage clothing and accessories, the innovatively designed items constantly amazed us.






    The top level of the Mall hosts a pop up art gallery, which aims to feature works of both local and international artists to increase cultural artistic awareness and inspiration, living up to the suburbs creative reputation.


    Surrounded by walls showcasing contemporary multimedia art at the 10x8 Gallery also located on the top level, my friends and I took complete advantage of the Ping-Pong table available for use, providing us with a great source of entertainment.





    For a shopping experience like never before, filled with an abundance of greenery, artwork and creativity be sure to visit the enchanting Living Mall at Central Park (28 Broadway, Chippendale) a short walk from Railway Square at Central Station.



    Read more and feel free to ask questions about my life in Sydney via my group!