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  • Salamanca Markets

    Posted by Duncan McDermott December 20, 2013 - 50,394 views - 1 comment - 2 likes - #food  #entertainment  #Hobart  #shopping  #Salamanca  #markets  #stalls 

    Salamanca place, overshadowed by mount Wellington and situated alongside parliament lawns and the waterfront is an area of restored Georgian buildings, cobbled streets and modern architecture. A popular location for cultural celebrations and artistic events; this spot has many cafes, bookshops, pubs, galleries and a couple of playhouses. It is an excellent place to pass the time and never more so than on every Saturday for the famous Salamanca Markets.



    Every Saturday thousands of visitors flock to experience the food, art, music, entertainment and general festive commotion of Salamanca.

    Setting these Markets apart from the run of the mill farmers market is the quality and uniqueness of the food, art and pruducts on offer. This is due to the small-scale, regional production of goods that cannot be obtained elsewhere.





     There are wood carvings using the local Huon Pine, intricately hand crafted shard jewellery from Shmiko and the Rebecca Roth Gallery, the hilarious bronze welded sculptures of Gerald Hale, beautifully framed photography and paintings of the Tasmanian wilderness and bird-life by local artists, and many other souvenirs and clothing, some of which has been produced by tradesman in the same tradition of the settlement times that founded Salamanca Place. 




    If you are a foodie, this is a must. With plenty of local produce, ranging from the rustic farming essentials to the more unique. There are king Island dairy farm cheese selections, wine from the east coast vineyards, a wide variety of fresh fruit, locally made jams, honey and sauces from the Huon Valley fruit farms and with the upcoming Taste of Tasmania Festival on the 28th of December; Salamanca is the place to be. 




    Strolling through the markets, you will encounter many street performers and buskers. From sword swallowers and comedic magicians to peruvian flute bands and jazz guitarists, you are sure to be entertained.



    The Salamanca Markets start at 8.30 and go till 3pm. There is limited parking space so the better option is a free shuttle bus that loops around the inner city, close to all popular accommodation and runs every ten minutes, all day.  


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    • Ciara Snook
      Ciara Snook Love the photos Duncan! This sounds like the perfect place to get some last minute unique Christmas gifts
      December 21, 2013