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Things to do in Tasmania » Blogs » The Hobart Pub Crawl

  • The Hobart Pub Crawl

    Posted by Duncan McDermott November 5, 2013 - 3,911 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #City  #Nightlife  #beer  #Hobart  #Pubs  #Drinking  #Whiskey  #Drinks  #pub crawl  #Town 

    The Hobart Pub Crawl



    The Pubs of Hobart are the best place to meet up with friendly locals, discover the home-grown music scene and try some of our boasted cuisine and locally brewed beer. Whilst Tasmania isn't known for supporting the most thriving night-life (bearing in mind that Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are the only nights for Hobart pub-hopping), there are a few quaint establishments within walking distance throughout the town that are bound to please. So I have constructed a list of a few of my favourite Hobart pubs for when taking a break from Tasmania’s other attractions to venture out for a night on the town.


    The New Sydney Hotel, 87 Bathurst St




    Every once in a while I run into a group of backpackers, wandering around the streets of Hobart, looking for a good night. My first suggestion; The New Sydney! Featuring live music, fantastic pub food, a roaring open wood-fire, plenty of interesting local beers on tap and ever friendly people; The New Sydney Hotel offers the perfect atmosphere to start a night out.



    The Telegraph Hotel, 19 Morrison St. 


    The Telegraph Hotel is one of the most popular pubs in Hobart. Conveniently positioned between the tall-ship docks, the Salamanca strip and the CBD, it is very close to accommodation for backpackers and due to it's $5 parmigiana and around- the-clock steins, it also draws a regular attendance of uni students. It has a great layout of pool tables, a band stage, a large smoking terrace and fun, friendly staff. I have had many a wild night at the Tele and I highly recommend it for meeting people and making connections, as it has the right combination of locals and travellers




    The Victoria Tavern, 30 Murray st.



    One of the oldest pubs in Hobart, the Vic Tav is a local favourite. Although it is small and easy to overlook, it is often packed and it is always worth stopping in for a drink on the way down to the Salamanca strip. It's located right next to Hadley’s hotel and supports some of the best local bands and upcoming artists in Hobart.



    The Lark Distillery, 14 Davey St



    The Lark Distillery is a growing point of pride in Tasmania. Winning multitudes of awards each year, it is arguably Australias leading distillery. This is largely because of its distinctive single malt, single cask whiskey that is made with peat, mined from the peat bogs of the Tasmanian Midlands. There isn't a better way to spend an afternoon than having a taste test of the various liqueurs and whiskeys on offer at the Lark. My personnel favourite is the Pepper-Berry Bush Liqueur.



     T42, Elizabeth Street Pier



    Perfectly situated just behind Constitution Dock and overlooking Sullivans cove, T42 is an all-round cafe, restaurant, bar and nightclub. It is one of the best places to get breakfast, has some of the tastiest seafood dishes, and it parties well into the night. It's often overlooked by travellers due to it's location, but it is one of my favourite places to go and it's usually the last thing I remember when waking up.



    I hope these recommendations come in handy. I'll be updating the information about the Hobart pub scene and upcoming festivals as our summer progresses.