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Cheap Places to eat in Sydney » Blogs » Al Aseel: a suburban gem

  • Al Aseel: a suburban gem

    Posted by Libby Hakim June 8, 2013 - 540 views - 1 comment - 1 like - #Al Aseel  #lebanese  #lebanese cuisine  #cheap eat  #greenacre  #newtown  #lakemba  #surry hills 

    Most Lebanese food lovers in Sydney are in on the secret: Al Aseel. While you can find an Al Aseel restaurant in four locations throughout Sydney now, it really is worth a trip to the original restaurant in Greenacre (Shop 4, 173 Waterloo Road) to discover what makes this Lebanese restaurant such a shining suburban gem.


    For starters, the food at the Greenacre location is cheaper than the food at Surry Hills or Newtown. Just like the real estate. But it's not just the real estate prices that distinguish these suburbs. Greenacre is home to a big population of Lebanese-born Australians and their descendants. The locals demand fresh, authentic Lebanese food... and that's what you get at Al Aseel Greenacre.


    Before you have time to sit down, the complimentary mezza plate and bread reaches your table. The mezza plate varies but is usually heaped with freshly cut tomato, pink pickled turnips and zesty green olives. The menu is extensive and includes many options for kids. Be warned, the mixed plates (ranging in price from $22 to $26) are too big for most adults to get through. You'll see most couples sharing a mixed plate. The stand out dishes include the creamy labne served with fried bread, chicken skewers with garlic dip (or "toum" as it is known in Arabic) and samkah harrah (barramundi with a traditional spicy sauce).


    You'll leave Al Aseel feeling very satisfied. If the flavours inspire you to add a little Middle Eastern flair to your own cooking, take a walk down Waterloo Road to find bustling Middle Eastern grocery stores stocking all the Lebanese kitchen essentials.


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    Photo credits: By Charles Haynes, available at, under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0.


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      TripTide HQ Thanks for sharing Libby! Reading that made us hungry :) we'll definitely be checking it out on our next trip to Sydney
      June 8, 2013