Great Ocean Road Surf Tours, Victoria

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106 Surfcoast Highway, Torquay, Victoria 3228
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For the First Time You Can Learn Surfing Skills (and Surfing Lingo) in The Heart of Australia’s Southern Surfing Culture – Without Renting A Car!


The “Experience” Is A Personal In- Depth Learn To Surf Tour That Also Allows You To Enjoy Australia’s Breathtaking Crowd Free Coastline.


Start your surf tour adventure with your FREE pick up from Melbourne (near Southern Cross Station) at the crack [“nice and early”].  Before hitting the beach, take a ride to our Torquay surf shop where you grab a stick and suit [“surfboard and wetsuit”].


Qualified Surf Instruction — So You Know How to Rip It Up, Safely


A fully qualified wave guru [“surf instructor”] runs you safely through an easy-to-follow Surf lesson so you don’t get drilled [“pummeled by a wave after falling off”] in your surf lesson!

In your surf lesson, you’ll also learn not to do a drop in [“rudely crashing someone else’s wave”] on a fellow grommet [“new surfer”].  Once you know how to bail out [“leap courageously from your board to avoid nasty spills”] you will receive detailed instructions on everything you will need to know about your new surfing environment.  So you’ll learn to pick an awesome set [“choose the best waves”], stand, and rip it up [“slice cleanly through the water”].


Surf Shop Till You Drop Or Stay Over For Surf Camp


Hit the gnarly [“really quite good”] Surf City surf shops and enjoy your afternoon refreshments before heading back to Melbourne with your surfing show bag and FREE Loyalty Card.  Or upgrade and chillax [Chilling and relaxing] in our accommodation before hitting the surf in our “Explorer” Surf Tour.