Visitors flock to Australia’s Coral Coast each year to enjoy the year-round sunshine, get closer to nature and escape crowds. The region begins just two hour’s drive north of Perth at the coastal town of Cervantes and stretches more than 1,000 kilometres north along pristine coastline to Exmouth.


Boasting a warm climate all year round, Australia’s Coral Coast offers perfect conditions to enjoy a range of water sports, including swimming, surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing and boating, while nature lovers also visit to watch humpback whales on their annual migration along the coast between July and October each year.

Things to do in Geraldton

things to do in geraldtonLocated around four hours drive north of Perth, Geraldton is a great short break destination, offering beautiful beaches to the west, rolling hills and breakaway ranges to the east, plenty of activities and attractions and a range of accommodation.

Situated on Champion Bay, Geraldton is one of Australia’s top destinations for water sports enthusiasts, who visit from near and far on the promise of consistent summer winds, providing ideal conditions for yachting, wind surfing and surfing.  Fishing and diving are also popular pursuits in this part of the world.


Fishing enthusiasts and divers alike should not miss a visit to the Abrolhos Islands located off the coast of Geraldton. The Abrolhos Islands form one of Western Australia’s most unique marine areas showcasing eerie ship wrecks and an abundance of marine life. Divers will delight in seeing everything from rays, to lobster and clown fish. Many of the most spectacular areas lie in shallow water near the shore and are just as easily enjoyed with a snorkel and mask. Scenic flights and boat charters are available from Geraldton.


Closer to Geraldton, the South Tomi wreck is just three nautical miles from Geraldton and is another popular destination for divers. Originally Patagonian tooth fish fishing vessel, which was later confiscated and scuttled in 2004, the South Tomi dive wreck is now home to an abundance of marine life including an array of coral and schools of fish.


Although the coastline is a major drawcard for this growing city, Geraldton also offers a range of other activities and attractions, catering for people of all ages and interests.


things to do in geraldton

The city has recently undergone a major transformation, so if you haven’t been to Geraldton for a few years it’s well worth taking a fresh look. Walk trails, interpretive signs and landscaped gardens now line the picturesque beachfront, while more alfresco dining establishments and shopping outlets grace the streets overlooking the foreshore.

The recently redeveloped foreshore offers white sandy beaches, a large playground and a water fun park, while just a few hundred metres away, the WA Museum Geraldton provides a fascinating insight into the region’s rich natural, social and maritime history.


A poignant reminder of the region’s maritime history is the HMAS Sydney II Memorial, which commemorates the loss of 645 Australian soldiers who met their fate in a World War II naval battle in 1941 soon after the ship’s last stop in Geraldton. After 66 years of mystery, the wreck of the German vessel, the Kormoran was found in March 2008 and a few days later the Sydney was found approximately 250 kilometres from Shark Bay. This magnificent memorial located on Mount Scott overlooks the city and features a silver dome of 645 seagulls to represent each sailor lost in this war time disaster. A wall displays photographs of the HMAS Sydney II and the names of her crew. Join a guided tour to learn more about this notorious World War II battle and the dedicated search for the wreck. 


The Point Moore Lighthouse is another indicator of the region’s maritime history. This bold, red and white striped landmark has become something of a Geraldton landmark. Overlooking the ocean at Point Moore, the lighthouse stands 34 metres tall and its beam can be seen 26 kilometres out to sea. The structure is the only one of its kind in Western Australia. Interpretive signage about the lighthouse’s interesting history can be found at its base.

Things to do in Geraldton

Geraldton’s coastline is not only rich in maritime history and a major tourism drawcard, it continues to be one of the region’s key assets. If you’re keen to gain firsthand insight into the region’s lucrative fishing industry or would like to drop a line or crab pot yourself, visit Fishermen's Wharf for a taste of one of Geraldton’s most important economic drivers. This commercial boat harbour is a hive of activity during the western rock lobster season, when around 300 boats haul in pots of this valuable delicacy. Join a guided tour of the Geraldton Fishermen’s Cooperative Processing Factory between November and August to learn more about this multi-million dollar industry.


Although it’s one of the most valuable food commodities on the menu, western rock lobster is far from the only delicacy originating from the Geraldton region. Foodies flock from near and far to taste fresh dhufish and a plethora of other seafood, such as snapper, groper, trout, prawns and scallops.


Head to the Farmers’ Markets held each Saturday from 8am to noon at Maitland Park to stock up on local fresh fruit and vegetables, olives, preserves, cheeses and yoghurt.


Or take a scenic drive inland of Geraldton to the Chapman Valley, which offers a range of delectable local produce and lovely views of the Moresby Ranges.  Enjoy a glass of wine and bite to eat at the winery or visit the lavender farm for a delicious meal and to purchase lavender body products.

On your way back to Perth, you simply cannot drive past Greenough without stopping. Learn about the area’s interesting heritage at the Central Greenough Historic Settlement, discover uncrowded beaches and enjoy a walk along the scenic river. In fact, there’s enough to see and do in Greenough to justify spending a night or two. 

Things to do in Geraldton


Must do activities and attractions when visiting the Geraldton region:


HMAS Sydney II Memorial

Mount Scott

Volunteer guides run 30-minute tours daily at 10.30am for a gold coin donation.


WA Museum Geraldton

Batavia Marina

Opening times 9.30am - 4.00pm every day except Wednesdays.


Geraldton Fishermen’s Cooperative tourFishermen’s Wharf

Tours run on weekdays at 9.30am from November to August only.


Abrolhos Islands

Scenic flights are available from Geraldton.


Geraldton Air Charter

Geraldton Air Charter offers charter flights and tours to the Abrolhos Islands. The high wings offer excellent viewing to all passengers, and the second engine gives added safety when flying over the ocean on tours to Abrolhos Islands.


Things to d in Geraldton



Central Greenough Historic Settlement

Step back in time with a stroll through 11 beautifully restored stone character buildings at the Central Greenough Historic Settlement. This National Trust treasure is surrounded by farm land and includes a cafe and visitor information centre.

Open daily from 9am to 5pm.


Greenough River Nature Trail

This scenic river meanders 250 kilometres through the countryside to meet the ocean at Cape Burney. It’s a haven for an amazing range of birds, from elegant egrets and herons to the majestic osprey. Bird watchers won’t be disappointed! Fishermen frequent both the river and the nearby beach to catch bream, tailor and mulloway. One of the best ways to experience the Greenough River is by walking or cycling the Greenough River Nature Trail or joining the local rowing club for a row upstream.