Sydney private & personalised 4WD day tours

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Includes: Up to 3 guests, all entry fees, gourmet lunch & tea, Sydney pick up and return and personalised experiences and a wide range of suggested iteneraries.

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Sydney, New South Wales
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Sydney private & personalised 4WD day tours

Sydney and it's surrounds are blessed with unique scenery – national parks, wilderness areas, forests, waterways and beaches. As well as all the iconic destinations, we go where the tourist buses can't reach.


With panoramic views, rugged yet beautiful countryside, our Sydney 4WD tours will give you an unforgettable experience in our luxury SUVs. We specialise in providing personalised private tours for one to three visitors that are all inclusive. All entrance fees to animal parks and National Parks are included, as is gourmet lunch on day tours. City hotel pickup and return. Plus the unique experience of many years from your tour host.


All tours have an 8:00am pickup, and most tours leave or return over the Harbour Bridge. Most destinations are in the Blue Mountains, or over the other side. There are two main roads over the mountains, so for these tours we drive both. Bell's Line of Road is a very pretty drive starting with nurseries, hobby farms & imposing houses set on acreage, and as we climb the beautiful english style gardens appear. Then we drive through the Blue Mountains National Park and it's easy to see the valley system separating the two main roads. We deviate to some little known lookouts, and we have one or two surprises for you.


Our return route for most tours is the Great Western Highway, which follows the original track opened up in 1813, the railway and most of the mountain villages are here. We are now so close to the world famous views that we detour along Cliff Drive. It's late afternoon so the views are at their best with the sun on the rocks. And, most tourist buses have long gone. If time permits we'll also deviate and try and find some kangaroos in their natural setting. There might be a surprise or two on the return leg as well.


How long are the tours? Everyone is different, so a tour that's value for money for some will be too long for others. We explain the route at the beginning of the day. If we see everything, it'll be approximately an 11 hour day. We'll have you back between 6:30pm and 7:30pm. But we can head home earlier, whenever you're ready. It's your tour!



Our Cars

All SUVs come with bottled water, an on-board refrigerator, a satellite phone, first aid kit, travel pillows and reference books for the flora and fauna we're likely to see. Business Class also includes some complimentary personal extras, and the use of an iPad. All cars comply with the requirements of the Department of Transport for tourist vehicles. All have seatbelts for five, although we recommend no more than four (tour host plus three passengers).


Business Class - The premium SUV, currently Jeep Grand Cherokee. Roomy, comfortable with a very smooth ride. A very competent vehicle with it's Mercedes Benz underpinnings. The most popular choice, and available for most tours.


Economy Class - Our medium sized SUV is currently Land Rover Freelander 2. Surprisingly roomy for it's size. It's a more economical alternative to the Business Class vehicles. Available for most tours.



Tour Itinerary Options

Blue Mountain Views - Our most popular day tour. The views are world famous. We'll take in all the well known vistas, plus deviate off-road where the tourist buses can't reach. We'll visit the highest lookout in the Mountains, plus the highest waterfall. And the ruins of a WW2 anti aircraft gun battery. Before that, there are orchards, stately homes and gardens. We visit an animal park to pat a kangaroo, and if time permits, go looking for wild kangaroos.


Hawkesbury River Experience - Our signature tour. We meander along the scenic Hawkesbury River which is about 60 miles long. The lower part of the river is surrounded by National Park, so there are no roads. To explore this part of the river, we enjoy a one hour cruise in a water taxi. After that we'll explore some of the villages, cross the oldest ferry in Australia, and return home via the convict built Old Northern Road. Plus we pat a kangaroo at an animal park. A very relaxed day with a bit of everything.


Hawkesbury Convict Roads - We go looking for the remnants of the convict built roads, cross the oldest ferry in Australia, and drive along a valley that time forgot. The scenery is a variety of the Hawksbury River, farmland, and the natural bushland. We'll learn about who the convicts were and how the convict gangs operated. Plus we pat a kangaroo at an animal park.


Zig Zag Steam Trains - In 1851 gold was discovered on the other side of the Blue Mountains, and the gold rush was on. We'll see some of the best views in the Mountains, then explore a railway line built in the 1860s that zigzagged down the mountains instead of blasting tunnels, and explore spur lines constructed to service 19th century mining. We'll drive through railway cuttings to find glow worms in an abandoned tunnel. Note: It's a 1 km walk each way to the Glow Worm Tunnel. We supply the torches, but please bring a change of shoes, it can be wet. Instead of the walk we can explore more of the Mountains instead.


Koalas, Carvings & Beaches - This tour starts with an animal park, allows us to learn more about koalas, and have your photo taken with one as well as kangaroos. Afterwards, we take in the fantastic water views that Broken Bay offers, find some Aboriginal carvings, meander down Sydney's northern beaches, and finish up at one of the many beaches with views back to the city. A relaxed day.


Finding The Lost City - The Lost City is a series of unusual rock formations that are up to 400 million years old. We'll visit an animal park and pat a kangaroo. We'll pass by the Zig Zag railway built in the 1860s before exploring the Lost City. The homeward leg takes in some of the best views in the Mountains. Note: There is a very short walk to the Lost City.


Yengo Carvings - Another tour with difference. Instead of the mountains, we'll head north and take in some of the Hawkesbury views and some of the convict relics. Lunch is near some 6000 year old aboriginal carvings, during which we drive through some historic, picturesque wine and farm country. Then it's a “Four Wheel Drive only” climb to visit lookouts over the Pacific Ocean.


Jenolan Caves - Along with the Blue Mountains, Jenolan Caves are another must-see for any visitor. Now dated at 340 million years old, this cave system is one of the oldest and largest in the world. The drive to the Caves takes in some very pretty country side, and you'll never forget the approach, down “5 mile Hill”. We have lunch here and if you wish, join a cave tour. The cave tour isn't necessary to appreciate the beauty of the area (All pics shown were taken at ground level) Note: moderate fitness is required for the cave tour. It's about an hour and has 421 steps.


Hill End Grove - Hill End is a ghost town from the gold rush days that is remarkably well preserved and documented. A few people still live here, a shop may be open, and the pub certainly is. It's a photographer's paradise. We'll explore the museum which used to be the hospital. The return route is along the Turon River where we'll see some old diggings, mullock heaps, and maybe some battery stampers. Note: This is a long day.


Cox's River Tranquility - A picturesque drive that's all about the journey, not the destination. As well as the mountains, the rolling hills on the other side provide views almost non-stop. In the 19th century the only access to Jenolan Caves from Katoomba was by horseback along the “Six Foot Track”. We'll drive along part of this, and have lunch at the historic Cox's River crossing. It's a great stop all year round. In winter we can sit in the sun, in summer sit in the shade on the water's edge.


Kanangra Walls Views - This is a variation of our Jenolan Caves tour. If you don't want to go underground, we can drive on the lookouts at Kanangra Walls. These unfenced cliffs provide unique views to the north. We think the views here are amongst the best in the Mountains. If you look carefully, past Mt Cloudmaker, you might be able to see the “Three Sisters” at Katoomba – which we'll visit on the way home. Note: There is a short level walk of about 100m each way.


On The Beaches - The east coast of Australia is blessed with dozens of beaches, some many miles in length. Join us for a totally different day tour, driving on the sand, enjoying a day on the beach. There's so much to see, maybe even whale migration during May to July! And of course enjoy a swim if you wish during summer months.


Hunter Valley Wines - The Hunter Valley wine district is the second largest in Australia. We'll visit a range of large and small, the well known brands and the more obscure. Enjoy the wine tasting! If you wish you can enjoy a relaxed lunch at several restaurants we can recommend. Or we can meander home and take in some lookouts over the Pacific Ocean.


Hunter Valley History - There's more to the Hunter Valley than just wine. Join us to explore the area's history and heritage - from mining old and new, the original settlements and villages, and the convict built roads. We'll see why this pastureland was so sought after - and denied - in the early days of the colony. Timber also has a long history, and we finish in the forests. The views here extend for hundreds of kilometres to the north over the vineyards and farmland, to the west the volcanic Warrumbungle Ranges can be seen, and the east, over the Pacific Ocean.


Hunter Valley Combined - Here's a tour with a bit of everything. In the morning we enjoy the best of the views, the scenery and explore some of the history. The afternoon is very relaxed while we explore the vineyards, learn which grapes the region is famous for, and partake in some wine tasting. We finish in the timber forests with those views to the north, west and east. And if we're lucky we might even spot some American Bison!Here's a tour with a bit of everything. In the morning we enjoy the best of the views, the scenery and explore some of the history. The afternoon is very relaxed while we explore the vineyards, learn which grapes the region is famous for, and partake in some wine tasting. We finish in the timber forests with those views to the north, west and east. And if we're lucky we might even spot some American Bison!


Just Native Animals - Popular with the kids, when you can't get enough kangaroos, koalas and other native animals. We visit three animal parks and for a break, have a short drive along part of the Hawksbury River. The first park is the oldest in Sydney apart from Taronga Park Zoo, and we can feed and pat kangaroos, and have your photo taken with a koala. The second park is the smallest and is the best to get photos of kangaroos, emus etc in their natural setting. The last park is also the biggest. There's a big variety of reptiles here. Note: There's not much walking, but you will be “on your feet” a lot of the day. There are plenty of rest stops.


Just Flowers and Gardens - Best in spring and autumn, we visit up to three gardens in the Blue Mountains. Each is different and we can advise on which open gardens will be available. Spend as long as you want at each one. But as a suggestion.. Mt Tomah Botanic Garden is a cool climate garden, with 28 hectares of plants from around the world. There are several walks available if you wish. Nearby is the garden village of Mt Wilson with it's avenues of trees, several historic houses and open gardens. Then we suggest you finish with rhododendrons at Blackheath – there's a festival every November. Note: There's not much walking, but you will be “on your feet” a lot of the day. There are plenty of rest stops.


Just Photography - The opportunities for a unique landscape shot are endless. Bring a CF Card or a roll of film or two, and use our gear for the day. We have a variety of bodies, lenses, filters, tripods, meters etc available, both digital and 35mm film. Even a 1950s TLR medium format. The start / finish times on this tour can vary to take in either sunrise or sunset. Contact us with your particular interests and we'll make some suggestions for you.


Just What You Want - If you have a particular interest, or want to combine some elements from any of the above tours, Contact us and we'll tailor a tour just for you.


About Us

The company principals have been travelling for 30 plus years to over 40 countries, as well as all over Australia. We know what makes a great tour, and what's value for money. Some years ago we identified a gap in the Sydney premium-end tour market - providing personal tours to destinations that tourist buses can't reach, with city hotel pickup. And a product that has no hidden surprises. A client could leave their money behind if they so wished. We commenced in 2010, with this formula: combining local knowledge with many years of experience as the traveller. We offer more tours and more destinations simply because we've been there and know the region intimately. The Sydney region has so many natural attractions that they sell themselves. We're fully insured, and have accreditation with both NSW Department of Transport and NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service.


We're an eclectic bunch. There's one thing in common however, everyone has a background in a service industry or profession, where constant customer focus is second nature. Our team comprises two company principals together with a handpicked team. As tour hosts we're more than talking drivers: We're all skilled, enthusiastic and utterly professional. We've been bushwalking, camping and four-wheel-driving all over the Sydney region for many years, and still do. It's a passion. Of course, all hosts hold a current Driver Authority with NSW Department of Transport.


We leave the tourist traps to the buses, to give our visitors a unique and personal experience. Our mission statement is quite simply:


  • Our experience, enthusiasm and our speciality lies in the spectacular natural beauty of our surrounds.
  • Our product focus at face value is in providing ethical and ecologically sustainable tours that amaze, educate, and preserve. All are unique, all stem from years of personal experience.
  • Our true focus however, our core value is to delight and surprise visitors to Sydney with second to none attention to detail and service. Our business is not about providing tours, it's delighting visitors with a tour.