Royal National Park night tours

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Royal National Park, Australia
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Royal National Park night tours


 Royal National Park night tours

Sunset Dinner

Watch the sunset at Providential Cove accompanied by Peter Solness and your expert UDU guide.  Find out how to take the best possible photos with your own camera (and it doesn’t matter how good at it you are), or join in the fun by having incredible photos taken of you. These will be shared with you after the night, and serve as an incredible souvenir.  Enjoy a candlelit gourmet dinner as the Moon rises over Wattamolla lagoon, surrounded by fig trees.  Prepare for the ensuing adventure, stock up on glow sticks, coloured lights and other funky gear whilst getting to know your fellow moonwalkers.  After a safety brief, we make a toast to the moon and you get a last surprise before being led on your way



Nocturnal Activities, Night Photography


By now your night vision has adjusted, head south along the Coast Track’s for enchanting stories, stargazing and learning about the areas unique Aboriginal past and European history. While enjoying the open sky and sea breezes, use all your senses for a nocturnal take on the local fauna, flora and geology.  Enjoy a rest-stop and delightful midnight tea at “Curracurrang”, whilst learning how to take fantastic night photos from world class professional photographer Peter Solness


 Royal National Park night tours



From here we step back in time to discover a landscape that seems other worldly.  At this stage you have a choice, be guided to camp at Wattamolla (making a total of 2km) or continue on to a ethereal waterfall, nestled in littoral rainforest where its clear water sparkles under the moonlight (for a total of 4km). It’s up to you and your abilities; the first option has been designed for everyone, so you can invite friends and family. The longer option is for those who are happy to be challenged in order to have a surreal adventure.  Arrive at Wattamolla where we set up on the sand overlooking Providential Cove. Stay up taking photos of the moon setting, or drift to sleep surrounded by the ocean air and the sound of soft waves.



Sunrise Breakfast


Sunrise at Wattamolla is an incredible event. With the lagoon at your back, and the bush on either side, you can sit on the beach and watch the sun rise through Providential Cove. Watch the sun light up the many colours of sandstone, shining past Wattamolla’s beloved Palm tree, before lighting up its waterfall.  By now, your UDU chefs & guides will have made you another feast, and the journey finishes as it starts, with a scrumptious meal in a prefect bush setting.  From here, it’s a cosy one hour drive back to the city, where you can enjoy the rest of your weekend catching up on sleep, returning to the dreamlike memories that will no doubt be with you for a lifetime