Port Lincoln swim with sea lion tours

From: AUD190

per adult

Adult Swimmer: $190
Child Swimmer: $130
2 Adults + 2 Children: $540

Adult Spectator: $160
Child Spectator: $100

Half Day Tour Snorkelling Equipment Refreshments
Eco Friendly Small Group Family Friendly

Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia
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Port Lincoln swim with sea lions tours

Diving Prices: $150 per adult, $105 per child, $450 per 2 adults & 2 children

Spectator Prices: $135 per adult, $80 per child


Departs: Marina Hotel Boarding Pontoon, Jubilee Drive, Port Lincoln

Length: Approx 4 hours


Swimming with sea lions in port lincolnDeparting from the bustling Lincoln Cover Marina, your skipper and crew will provide you with an overview of the fishing industry that is so important to our local economy. From Tuna to Kingfish, Blue Mussels and Lobster, the waters surrounding Port Lincoln abound with succulent seafood.


Across Boston Bay, then head South around Cape Donnington. We follow the spectacular coastline of the Lincoln National Park to McLaren Point where we then set a course for Hopkins Island. Along the way the crew will keep you entertained and informed. We cruise through the protected waters of the lower Spencer Gulf.


The Islands of Thorny Passage are rich in history, dating back to 1802 and the discovery voyage of Matthew Flinders. Your skipper has a keen eye for pods of dolphins which often approach the boat to play!


Upon arrival at Hopkins Island, the boat is positioned close to the shore and the Sea Lions stir, the curious enter the water and the rest soon follow, often 30 or more! Before long, wetsuits, mask and snorkel are on and we are ready for the most playful swim ever. You enter the water and the Sea Lions entice you to come and play. With summersaults and swirls they glide effortlessly past.


You better be good with your camera as they won’t stay still for long! The beach area is protected, it’s much more fun in the water anyway. After a while the pace begins to slow a little as the Sea Lions become more curious of us. Simply float in the water with an out stretched hand, stay nice and calm and let them approach. One on one with the Australian Sea Lion, a memory to last a lifetime!


Scuba diving with sea lions in South Australia

If swimming isn’t for you, you are welcome to stay aboard and share a cuppa with the skipper, you won’t miss any of the action.


Sea Lions are endangered and our permit is strict.  Its time to climb back onto the boat and leave the Sea Lions in peace. They still swim at the back of the boat as if to entice you back in. A hot shower awaits and the coffee machine is ready, your comfort and safety is our primary concern.


We say goodbye to the islands of Hopkins and Thistle and pass Grindal and Taylor as we make our way back to Port Lincoln. There is time for a snooze or trade stories and photos with fellow passengers, new friends.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is interaction with sea lions guarenteed?


Yes, interaction on tour is guaranteed. As soon as we arrive at Hopkins Island the Sea Lions bound out to greet you. They will almost certainly spend the whole time swimming with you and putting on their playful show!


The Sea Lions are wild animals and some days they are more playful than others. In the water they often come within centimetres of you to say hello. The crew will provide you with an information sheet and briefing once onboard and advise you of how best to interact with them in the water. One of our crew members will be in the water with you at all times to help you get the most from the experience and of course to ensure your safety at all times.


Is there a code of conduct while interacting with the sea lions?


Sea Lion Tours in Port LincolnThe tour activity is controlled by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) and strict guidelines are placed on operators. Calypso Star Charters has a long history spanning more than 20 years of Swimming with Sea Lions at Hopkins Island. Over this time we have developed our own code of conduct for these tours. We consulted heavily with the DEWNR during the process, which lead to Marine Mammal Interaction Permitting in South Australia. 


What will I learn about Sea Lions?


Our staff are skilled and have a great understanding of the Sea Lions and the area we visit. All of our Skippers are Eco Guides, Certified by Eco Tourism Australia. The tour is completely interactive and our staff will provide you detailed information about the Sea Lions, the areas we visit and the local Fishing Industry. 


Is there any damage to the marine environment?


Hopkins Islands is a protected as part of the Memory Cove Wilderness Protection Area. Guests are given a detailed safety briefing before entering the water, this covers the conduct whilst in the water with the Australian Sea Lions. We access the area by boat and approach Hopkins Island at slow speed to not cause any damage to the seafloor. Our vessel has just undergone a complete repower and refurbishment, careful consideration was given to the engine selection to ensure emissions are minimal.