Port Lincoln shark cage diving day tours, South Australia

From: AUD495

per adult

Adult Diver: $495
Child Diver: $345

Adult Spectator: $395
Child Spectator: $245

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Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia
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Port Lincoln shark cage diving day tours, South Australia

Port Lincoln shark cage diving familyWelcome! We invite you to jump onboard for an exciting day of adventure, education and a whole lot of fun! This once-in-a-lifetime experience of viewing Great White Sharks in their natural habitat will leave you with memories that will last long after your visit to Port Lincoln.


Our 1-day shark cage diving harters are an Australian first with Port Lincoln being the only place in the country where these charters are run. Ideal if you have limited time or a limited budget and best of all there’s… NO diver qualification or previous experience needed!

Spectacular viewing — both in the cage and on the boat

With our skilful use of the baits, we’re able to lure the sharks closer to the cage giving divers the most intense cage dive possible. The use of bait also provides spectacular viewing from the boat, so you don’t even have to be in the water to experience the thrill of a Great White Shark!



Port Lincoln shark cage diving


Guests board at the Marina Hotel pontoon to the smell of hot coffee made fresh onboard. After an introduction and safety briefing from the skipper of the day, we throw off the ropes and set off for the Neptune Islands. Breakfast is served shortly after departure.


2½ to 3 hour cruise

Sit back, relax and enjoy your journey We’re often accompanied by pods of dolphins and even the odd whale, in season. During the trip, the friendly crew will provide you with information about the fishing industries, the ‘local area’ and the marine life. ’Take in the spectacular coastal scenery of lower Spencer Gulf and the islands of Thorny Passage.  In season, you can try your luck at catching a Southern Bluefin Tuna



On arrival at the Islands the skipper gets the boat up as close to the land as he can so you can get the best views and the best photos of the’New Zealand Fur Seal colony. The exact dive location for the day is chosen and it’s time to drop anchor. The ocean surrounding the Neptune Islands is crystal clear which makes for ideal viewing of the Great White Sharks.


You hit the water!

Groups enter our new spacious cage 6 at a time. This way you get some welcome human company and you still get plenty of room for prime shark viewing. Once the sharks arrive, each group will have the opportunity to spend about 45 minutes in the cage, face to face with the amazing Great White Shark. Please note that time in the cage can vary and will depend on shark activity and weather on the day.


Shark Cage Diving Port Lincoln ScreensGreat viewing up top

Even when you’re not in the water, you don’t miss out — the action from the very spacious upper and lower decks is fantastic so make sure you keep your camera ready for that once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity. We have our own cameras mounted on the shark cage so you can also sit in the comfort of our saloon and watch the underwater action live-streaming We feed you too.


As well as breakfast, we provide you with morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, plus coffee/tea and cold soft drinks, all included. Our vessel is a  fully-licensed vessel so the bar is open on the way home for your convenience.



Adult: $495

Child: $345

(Price includes the use of our 7mm wetsuit, hood, boots, gloves and mask)


Adult Spectator: $395

Child Spectator: $245


Our No Shark Policy

Whilst every effort is made to attract the sharks to our boat, in nature there can be no guarantees. In the rare event that we don’t see any Great White Sharks, we’ll offer a half price return ticket to everyone on board, valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue.


Fully Government Licensed & Eco Certified

Great White Sharks are an endangered and protected species in Australia. It’s vitally important that we continue to educate people about the species’ behaviour as well as the significance of their presence of in their ecosystem. At Calypso Star  we’re proud of our involvement with the CSIRO and their Great White Shark Research. It helps us better understand the movement patterns and habits of the magnificent Great White.


We are honoured to be fully licensed by the South Australian Department of Environment. We’re also permitted by the Fisheries Department to use berley (chum) to attract the Great White Sharks to our boat at the Neptune Islands Marine Park. Being permitted to berley provides you with the best possible chance of a shark sighting. Along with this license , we’re proud to be an Advanced Eco Certified Operator. Receiving this certification provides us with the recognition that we conduct our operations in a way that are environmentally conscious and sustainable whilst also providing an educational component.)


Shark Diving Gift Voucher

Can't decide on a date of want to surprise someone for a birthday, Christmas or just because. Or maybe you can't decide on a work or personal farewell gift? Why not purchase a Gift Voucher, a great way to book a date with the Great Whites!


Port Lincoln shark diving gift vouchers are available by clicking here.


Upon receipt of an order your cage diving gift voucher will be created and will then be sent to your electronically to the email address you provided during the booking. The voucher will be received within 24 hours, except for bookings received on Saturdays after 3.30pm which will be processed on Monday morning.

Shark cage diving vouchers are able to be purchased for all ticket types and are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. If you choose a voucher for the Spectator product the recipient will have the option to pay the additional $100 to upgrade to the dive either at the time of booking or on the day.

If you choose to have the voucher mailed to you in a presentation folder, the voucher will be created and mailed out within 24 hours. Please note delivery times will vary depending on your location.