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2 Day Surf Tour $285 - save $10
3 Day Surf Tour $420 - save $25
4 Day Surf Tour $545 - save $50
5 Day Surf Tour $645 - save $100

Accommodation Equipment Breakfast & Lunch

: Melbourne World Trade Center on Siddeley St, Melbourne
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For the First Time You Can Learn Surfing Skills (and Surfing Lingo) In The Heart of Australia’s Southern Surfing Culture – Without Renting A Car! 


What The “Explorer” Can Expect From Personal In-Depth Surf Lessons While You Enjoy Australia’s Breathtaking Coastline.

Start your surf camp adventure by getting picked up from Melbourne (near Southern Cross Station) at the crack [“nice and early”].  Before hitting the beach, take a ride to our Torquay surf shop where you grab a stick and suit [“surfboard and wetsuit”].



Qualified Surf Instruction - So You Know How to Rip It Up, Safely


A fully qualified wave guru [“surf instructor”] runs you safely through an easy-to-follow surf lesson so you don’t get drilled [“pummeled by a wave after falling off”] in surf camp. In your surf lesson, you’ll also learn not to do a drop in [“rudely crashing someone else’s wave”] on a fellow grommet [“new surfer”]. 


Once you know how to bail out [“leap courageously from your board to avoid nasty spills”] you receive detailed instruction each day in surf camp. So you’ll learn to pick an awesome set [“choose the best waves”], stand, and rip it up [“slice cleanly through the water”].


Free Meals, Chill Out And Each Day You’ll Become A Better Surfer!
Morning and lunch, you’ll chow down [“politely consume your meal”] on our dollar [“you eat for free!”] to re-juice the engines [“top up your energy levels”] on the beach. Back in the water, enjoy free time to practice cutting sick moves [“amazing surf manoeuvres”]. And you’ll get more private instruction each day in surf camp to build on yesterday’s skills, furthering your wave mastery [“surf guru status”]. 


Back at your surf shack [“spacious private cabin”] there are restful activities (near heaps of surf shops) or you can get on it [“have a good time”] in Surf City’s nightlife. 



Surf Shop Till You Drop Or Tour The Great Ocean Road


Hit the gnarly [“really quite good”] Surf City surf shops on your last day before heading back to Melbourne after surf camp. Or enjoy the rest of your “Tourer” Surf Tour.



Explorer 2 - 5 Day Surf Tours Include:


• FREE TRANSPORT to and from Melbourne
• 4 hrs of Surf Lessons per day
• Progressive Surf Lessons
• Surfboard and Wetsuit
• Breakfast
• Lunch
• Accommodation
• Visit Bells Beach
• Shop Till You Drop @ Surf City
• Afternoon Refreshments
• Surfing Show Bag
• Loyalty Card



Explorer Cost



2 Day Surf Tour $285 save $10
3 Day Surf Tour $420 save $25
4 Day Surf Tour $545 save $50
5 Day Surf Tour $645 save $100