Babinda kayak hire, Queensland

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$55.00 - Single Kayak Half Day
$82.50 - Single Kayak Full Day
$95.00 - Double Kayak Half Day
$142.50 - Double Kayak Full Day

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Babinda, Queensland
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Babinda kayak hire, Queensland

Single Kayak - $55 (Half Day), $82.50 (Full Day)

Double Kayak - $95 (Half Day), $142.50 (Full Day)

Mask/Snorkel Set - $4 (Half Day), $6 (Full Day)

Extra Dry Bags - $4 (Half Day), $6 (Full Day)


Half Day start times are 8am or 1.30pm.  Full Day hires may start any time. A minimum of 2 people per hire. 1 dry bag and 1 waterproof phone box is supplied with each hire.


We provide you with the opportunity to experience one of North Queensland’s little known natural wonders. Nestled between Queensland’s two highest mountains, you will gently drift with the current down 9 km of Babinda Creek. The backdrop of Mt Bartle Frere and Mt Bellenden Kerr provides a visual wonderland as you drift past rain forest creek banks. The cane fields you also pass remind you of the mainstay of the local economy. The crystal clear water provides an opportunity to marvel at the aquatic life while listening to the birds singing above. This experience is nature at its best in the most beautiful part of Australia.


Beautiful Babinda, boasting the highest rainfall in Australia, is nestled in the picturesque valley between Queensland’s two highest mountains; Mt Bartle Frere and Mt Bellenden Kerr, situated in World Heritage listed Wooroonooran National Park. Permanently flowing mountain streams provide a rare opportunity to experience the beauty of Mother Nature’s masterpiece. Hire some kayaks and embark on a one way Self Tour down these amazing waters. Babinda Creek’s pristine, crystal clear water is teeming with fish, turtles and the elusive Platypus. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic experience without breaking the bank. ‘Let the gentle current take you downstream, take on a couple of mini rapids (or ripples!) along the way, stop on a sandy beach for a snack and a swim, then float downstream to your pick-up point. This could be just about the most relaxing kayaking trip you will ever experience!


How does it all work?

It’s simple. You can hire kayaks for either a half day (up to 4 hours) or a Full day (up to 8 hours). Half day hires must leave at 8:00am or 1:30pm. Full day hires can leave anytime, but must be ready for pick-up well before dark. Your kayaks will be waiting for you here at the Creeks edge, we put you in, then you paddle downstream at your own pace to the pickup point. When you get there, give us a call (or we can arrange a set time) and we will come and pick you up. This is a one way trip only, paddling back to the hire location is not an option (not that you would want to anyway!) In cases where there are more passengers than our cars can accommodate, we will take the drivers only back to their car so they can then collect the other passengers on their way home. This is only a 5 minute drive. (Kids won’t be separated from their parents – we’ll work around it). A map is provided of the Creek illustrating the start point and the pick-up point. The pick-up point is about three hours paddling downstream and is very easily found (it’s a free caravan/camping site just after the third and fourth overhead bridges you pass). You can’t miss it. So it’s very easy –just phone us on your mobile when you are there and we will come and collect you – no fuss.


Where do I go for my kayak trip?

If you wish to paddle down Babinda Creek (bookings are essential), drive to 330 Stager Road, Babinda. You will enter the Creek at this address. When you arrive at the finish point, either call us or wait for the pre-arranged pick-up time and we will collect the kayaks from there and give you a lift back to your car. If you would like to take the kayaks elsewhere, please phone and we will make the arrangements.


What are your operating hours?

We are open 7 days a week including public holidays from 8.00am to 5.00pm (although bookings are essential). Kayak hire is dependant on current creek conditions, which for the most part are perfect for paddling. We don’t operate during very heavy rain and flooding and will wait for the creek to subside before running kayaks again. This usually happens fairly quickly after flooding, although it may take a day or two for the water to clear completetly.


What parking facilities do you have?

Our parking facilities are limited so please car pool. We have no facilities for motorhomes or caravans. These vehicles will need to park on the roadway dirt shoulder accross from our driveway. A turning area is located about 1km further down Stager Road (Stager Road is a No -Through road).


What's Babinda Creek like for kayaking along?

Babinda Creek is a permanently flowing mountain stream. Water flow varies in height and current depending on recent rainfall. After good heavy rains, once the creek clears, paddling is almost discouraged! As the water flow provides the perfect pace for travelling downstream. Paddling too much may mean you get to the end faster than you would like. After long periods without rain, you may encounter occassional (but brief) shallow areas and logs etc which can be negotiated around. If you need to get out, it will only be for a few steps to lift the kayak over some shallow pebbles. It is otherwise a matter of paddling downstream with the creeks gentle current. If you go in, it will usually be because your kayak has snuggled up against a log sideways and the current slowly tips your kayak over, these areas are usually shallow and you will probably be ready to go in anyhow! The kayaks we provide are ideal for Babinda Creek’s conditions and allow easy gliding over most shallow areas even when the creek is low. They are stable and very easy to manoeuvre. You will encounter the occasional mini rapid or ‘ripple’ where the level of the creek drops slightly. These are easy and fun, your kayak will follow the main water flow and take you for a little ride. There are many deep swimming holes along the way, and plenty of spots you can stop for some lunch or a swim or even explore. Snorkeling is also popular with many fish to spot. Ask about our fantastic ‘Drift Snorkel Circuit’ – the water temperature is just perfect as the cool mountain water is warmed in the sun over mostly shallow creek bed – you wont want to get out! You will see many fish along the way, some turtles and birdlife and if you are lucky, a platypus. Babinda Creek’s waters are crystal clear and unless the water level is unusually high (after much rain) or you are passing deep holes, you will be able to see through to the bottom the entire way. The relaxing, peaceful sound of nature will follow you most of the way.


What about kids?

This is a perfect recreational activity for the whole family. We recommend that children be at least 5 years old and able to swim. Children should be old enough and adventurous enough to fall in (or be pushed in) as navigating around logs and negotiating small rapids presents a reasonable chance for falling in. Smaller kids can easily share an adults kayak for no extra charge (let us know and we’ll reserve the best suited kayak for you). Larger kids (starting at about 8 years) often prefer a kayak of their own. They love it for the adventure, fish life and swimming, adults love it for the serenity and relaxing scenic paddle. Very small rapids (better described as ‘ripples’) add that element of fun and excitement along the way. There’s no paddling back home against the current either, just let the current take you through the valley to the finish point where we will come and pick you up. Our views on children’s level of participation are flexible as we trust the parents to be the best judges of their capabilities. Please note; Parents/Guardians will need to sign a liability waiver on behalf of their children in order for them to participate.


What about dogs?

We are pet friendly. Dogs are welcome however must be on leads at all times. We only stipulate that dogs will need to stay with one of the owners at the pick-up point, whilst we drive the other owner back to their vehicle for collection, who will then drive back to the pick-up point to collect the other owner and pooch. This is only a 5 – 10 minute drive and neccessary as we do not have the facilities to transport dogs.


Double kayaks or single kayaks?

Both kayaks work fine on this creek. Some families with children prefer doubles if they are unsure of their childs capabilities. Although by the time kids are 8, they seem to cope quite well on their own. A double kayak is not really reccomended for two beginners as they are much longer and heavier which means they are harder to manouvre around logs etc. We have found single kayaks easier to learn on as you quickly see the direct result of your actions, they are also much easier to manouvre. If sharing a double, it’s harder to work out what you are doing is right or wrong if your partner is doing something completely different (which they usually are!) If creek levels are low, the double kayaks will also bottom out before the single kayaks as they sit deeper in the water.


How agile do I have to be to participate?

To access the kayaks, you will need to climb down stairs and walk about 300 metres along the grassed creek bank (easy walk). Climbing into the kayaks is done either directly from concrete stairs leading into the water or from a shallow sand bank if the water level is normal. If you fall in whilst kayaking, you will need to be able to climb back on (usually by finding a shallow area or by taking the kayak to the creek edge and using the bank if the creek level is high). On arrival at your pick-up point, help with lifting the kayaks onto the trailer is usually needed (single kayaks weigh around 18 – 20 kg distributed to two people). The pick-up point has a beached area to draw the kayaks easily from the water.


Can I take a fishing rod?

Although line fishing is legally permitted in Babinda Creek, the fish are not considered ‘good eating’. As the prolific aquatic life in this creek is one of its strongest assets, we do not encourage fishing and place high value on the creeks conservation. Not only does fishing deplete the fish numbers but tangled and broken lines and hooks pose a threat to birds and the many resident platypus, which forage blind underwater. Catching and releasing fish is not a solution as studies show up to 50% of fish die within 6 days as a result of their injuries. As such we don’t allow fishing from our kayaks.


What do I bring?

A hat, sunscreen and protective clothing against the sun. Shoes which can get wet. Dry bags are available for hire if you wish to take personal effects and food/drink. Snorkelling is also popular. If you don’t have your own, we have some for hire. Ask about our ‘Drift Snorkel circuit’. A bag to contain your possessions and to secure any loose items Sunglasses and lanyard to prevent you from losing them. A mobile phone (if you have one)- that way you can phone us to come and pick you up when you reach the end (it’s easier than scheduling a pick-up time). We will supply you with a waterproof phone box. Change of clothes – just in case you or somebody else decides you are going for a dip! Something to eat for a lovely picnic on a beach along the way. Please take care not to leave anything behind on your journey. A rubbish bag will be provided if needed.