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The New South Wales bush walking group is a place to research and book bush walking and related activities in New South Wales. The group covers many aspects of bush walking including safety, equipment, clothing and food to take. The Australian environment is beautiful yet hostile, unlike the US and UK it is difficult to navigate. Australian bush walking groups will carry compasses, maps, GPS and EPIRB's plus first aid kits. Walkers regularly get lost in the bush and this is not solely confined to overseas visitors. Walk with experienced bush walkers and benefit from their experience.


My name is Ken Hall and I am originally from Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. I decided to emigrate to Australia in 1977 and I'm an Aussie by choice. Prior to arriving in Australia my work took me to Europe, the Middle East, Canada, Cyprus and Libya. Travelling to these places certainly was fabulous exposure to the cultures which in some cases were very different to my own.

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Kenneth Hall
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New South Wales bush walking view

New South Wales bush walking group

This coast arose from the sea at least 240 million years ago and is made from sandstone. Sandstone is colourful, soft and easily eroded which leads to some amazing rock formations, textures and patterns. These are greatly admired by lots of people who visit and want to capture its’ beauty with their cameras.


The flora of Eastern Australia is unique and quite spectacular. Banksia, Bottlebrush and the five metre plus tall Gymea Lilly with its’ huge red flower heads are really beautiful. Grass Trees have the incredibly slow growth rate of only one centimetre per year. They offer some protection against the ravages of bush fire to over sixty different species of native insects and small animals.



Bush walking group in New South Wales

Most Australian native animals are nocturnal, however, in one special place we visit you may see Eastern Gray Kangaroos and Wallabies grazing throughout the day.


When I arrived in Australia I was delighted, one could say overawed, by the magnificent coast line of Eastern Australia within the Sydney and Illawarra regions of NSW. My objective is to create courses, workshops and bush walking tours at budget prices which are in reach of everyone. Very few visitors have the time to spend a full day in the bush. With this in mind I have created a number of bush walking and photography activities with a time frame of three hours which take you to locations not normally accessed by tourists.


With the exception of Tasmania's King Island in Bass Strait all locations can be accessed by Sydney's train service directly from Central station for only a few dollars. It gives me great pleasure to help people from beginner to enthusiast improve their photography skills or walk in our stunning rain forest, New South Wales bush walkers on a tripalong our coastlines and enjoy the magnificent panoramas found in our Blue Mountains.